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What Is PLM

Recently I came across a comprehensive site on Product Lifecycle Management and it was quite interesting and enlightening to read about this core IT technology.

TechDrummer has a relevant section for PLM jobs as well which gets updated regularly. I have seen ads relating to companies like Siemens PLM, PTC Windchill, Dassalt Catia etc. And the companies who post ads on that site range from IBM, Siemens, to a lot of consultancies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc.

The best part about the site is that it is totally free to use for both, recruiters as well as job seekers.

You can go in there, check it out, and read about the latest in the PLM or PDM (Product Data Management) domain from there, and also join the PLM Forum if you like.

    4 Responses to “What Is PLM”

    1. Tom says:

      Do you reckon you ‘came across’ this site because it happens to be your site? Well, I must rush there to join the PLM forum. I’m guessing you’re the other forum member.

    2. Troy says:

      Mr Tom, this is in a press release kind of a format.

    3. Troy says:

      Well…i don’t know what your beef is. But I will continue to humor you.

      Are you in the PLM domain?


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