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Mavis Staples Croons For Obama

President Elect Barack Obama is already making plans about who is going to perform musically at the inauguration and the artist who clearly stands out from the group is not only a singer but a civil rights super star Mavis Staples.

Staples, who is I think 69 years old has already displayed her talent at the the Carter and Clinton inaugurations. Many in fact think she represents the best of civil rights legacy considering her background with – The Staples Singers, who toured church houses of the south in the 1950s. Her groups also toured with the protagonist of the civil rights movement, Dr King himself.

Mavis Staples is a long time member of the Obama’s former church, Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. So in a way, if Obama calls Ms Staples, it would send a signal that Obama is ready to make peace with the fiery Chicago congregation that he abdicated sometime last May.

Personally speaking, even if you discard Mavis’s legacy and relation to the church, her music stands and runs on its own legs and strength. She is an awesome singer and there are few who can match her deep rumbling wholesome fulsome voice. Nobody comes even close.

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