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Dennis Blair National Intelligence

President-elect Barack Obama has made his choice for one of the top spy masters known and its none other than retired Admiral of the Navy Adm. Dennis C. Blair.

Admiral Blair has a reputation of a hard taskmaster and is looked upon quite highly by his peers. If the rumors are to be believed President elect Obama is still considering somebody for the job of top dog at CIA and Adm Blair is expected to assist the new President in this assignment.

In case you didn’t know, there are about 16 intelligence agencies that guard US from its foes and friends alike.

Another thing Mr Obama ought to be on a look out here is that intelligence is the domain of military and civilian workers and there is always a turf war on between them. So by selecting a defense man, the civilians would look at it as encroachment on their field. Its controversial at the least.

But even the last incumbent was a Navy man – Admiral Mike McConnell. So in the even Spymaster Blair accepts the post, he will be the third to do so since the position was created four years ago.

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    1. David Oelschlager says:

      I beleive that Adm. Blair (Ret) is an excellent choice. I am a retired soldier and have dealt with security and defense matters. I can honnestly commend President Elect Obama for this choice.

    2. Tom Jessen says:

      Good choice. I served with ADM Blair at Naval Station Pearl Harbor 1989 -1990. A sound leader and manager.

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