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Caylee Anthony Crime Scene Photos

I have come across these photos of beautiful angel Caylee Anthony whose case has gripped the nation like no other.

Check out these photos and say a little prayer tonight for this baby girl.

I will continue to post more as and when I come across them. Please bookmark this site to make it easy to return here later.

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Follow the scene in Pictures from below.

    43 Responses to “Caylee Anthony Crime Scene Photos”

    1. jereme says:

      this is sick that someone could do such a thing

    2. Memo says:

      I can’t believe ANYONE with a brain would ever think for a second that Casey Anthony didn’t do this crime. What mom with a missing child goes out partying a week after their child disappears, goes on shopping sprees in Target (gotta get those new panties!) and NEVER helps in the search for her daughter??
      Her jailhouse videos with her parents speaks volumes. She is so matter of fact when she speaks, always does the little ‘wipe away’ on her “tears”, never acts concerned about anything but herself.
      Any other mother would be screaming from the rooftops that their child is missing!
      Her lawyer Baez is also a snake. Even Caseys dad said in police interviews he doesn’t trust the guy and said he just came out of nowhere.
      I guarantee you Casey and Baez are getting it on. Watch.

    3. Maggie says:

      I believe that Casey did this unspeakable crime to her beautiful little girl. It is obvious that she preferred to steal from anyone she could, go partying, use her body to get whatever she wanted rather than love and take care of her little girl. She could have left Caylee with her parents if she wanted to be free. Little Caylee is in heaven and she is safe in the arms of Jesus. My thoughts are prayers are with the grandparents, George and Cindy. Not only have they lost their granddaughter, whom they obvious loved very much, they have also lost their daughter. As far as Baez is concerned I don’t trust him and I believe there is something going on between him and Casey.
      While I would like to give Casey the benefit of the doubt I can’t. From the way she has acted from day one it appears that she is a liar and a murderer. She has absolutely no feelings for her child or her parents. She belongs in prison.

    4. Sherry says:

      My heart just aches for this family! I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I love my girls with all of my heart and soul! How could Anyone do this to a Beautiful Little Angel! Just give me a a few minutes with Casey! How sick is she! I think a life in prison is to good for her!!!

    5. BARBARA HAWKINS says:

      I would like to know where was it that some one said they saw george looking out in a field? we all know that casey killed her baby . but i think she told her brother lee and he told cindy because she started lieing more casey now we no why they changed the way they acted to the media the cops should charge the whole family if the body was moved it wasn/t the meter reader it was LEE or CINDY i no i am right I PRAY CASEY GET THE DEATH PENALTY THAT IS WHAT SHE GAVE CAYLEE

    6. katie says:

      If Casey did do this, she had help. Along with a lot of other people, i have been watching this story and i always felt there was much more to it then we know. Listen to all the 911 calls from the meter reader almost agitated sounding. How was it Tim Miller and the dogs did not pick up on the bag? The deputy said they had been there and the area was cleared. There are also stories that the area was not surrounded by water ,s originally thought,when Tim Millers team was out that way. A few other things that are a little confusing the ex boyfriend Jessie and his dad along w the grandparents say that Casey talked about the babysitter long before the case but i wonder if she called the babysitter Zanny or Zenida? The reason i ask is i am an RN and we use the word zanny as xanax. If someone needs something to calm them down we will say this person needs a zanny. There are way to many parts of the puzzle that don’t fit together. Regardless i feel sorry for everyone who loved that child, it has to be heartbreaking.

    7. angeleyestacy, southern,cali says:

      God Bless little caylee and little kelsey , I am not sure if you have all seen the story on little kelsey , if you go to youtube type in kelsey’s daddys little girl please watch this video the song is daddy can you see me now, For gods sake what is wrong with people?what is this world coming two?I used tofeel sorry for the anthonys but not any longer , I decided for the last 3 days i would not read or watch anything on the case ,i did not even watch the news I just let my mind relax , well tonight i decide to go for a walk we have a very nice park on top of the hill i sat there and talked to god I told him these 2 little girls never deserved to die.I then prayed for strengh becouse of caylees case i have almost droped out of college. i am a criminal justice major with a 3.9 gpa but lately i have not even had the strength to get out of bed more to follow thank you

    8. angeleyestacy, southern,cali says:

      I have read every single interview that has been done every single person has a different story. I belive if you to documents and interviews that have been done and listen to each on take notes to refer back to you will find the truth I belive cindy anthony and lee need to be in jail with casey charged as assory i know that last word was spelt wrong sorry. if you listen to casey interview saying she lost her cell phone (lie) she left it a anthonys house when her mom picked her up lee did not even know anthony laz caseys boyfriend but lee left his mothers house right after thae police got there he went to tonys witch is close to caseys to retrive caseys laptop and belongings before the police went there it took lee 2 hours before he returned to his moms house , what lee did was tell tony,amy and everyone eles what to say he also reprogramed the lap top he wiped all information off or hey i just thought of this i wonder if he changed the hard drive . and he changed the sim card in caseys phone same with the home computer if you listen to all of cindys interviews with the FBI there are 9 you will also find this lady cant tell the truth for 3mins if you seen her when she first found out caylee was dead you can see she dosnt look upset she looks mad the only one i feel a little sorry for is george he wants to tell the truth but cindy controls everyword he says watch gretta home interview watch cindy talk for george i am sorry i cant stop crying

    9. angeleyestacy, southern,cali says:

      I have always wanted casey to recive the death penalty to until i really thought about it .I now beg that she dose not get the death penalty that to easy , I pray she gets life with no prole because if she serves life and hits the yard she is going to get beat down every single day she remains alive i am mad that she is in pc why are the jail protecting her so damn much i wonder if one of the people who worked for the jail if their child had been killed if that person would be in pc i know the answer hell no!she needs to deal with and q1uite hiding in pc please let all of us pray she gets life so we kno3w she will pay for everytme she hurt that little angel

    10. Debbie says:

      Do any of us think that our daughter would be capable of doing this horendous thing, of course not and neither did her family. They stood behind their daughter and probably will still. Do you think they not only have lost a granddaughter but also a daughter. Sure I hope she gets what she deserves but I can honestly tell you nothing absolutely nothing would make me quit loving my daughter or my granddaughters, nothing.

    11. Kenya says:

      To Debbie, I don’t think anyone is expecting the Anthonys to stop loving their child. However it is our jobs as parents to teach our children responsibility and to hold them accountable for their actions. Casey continually got away with lying and stealing and eventually it cost their family more than they bargained for. I love all of my children but I will not abide being lied to blatantly. My children know I hold them to high moral standards and I won’t accept any less. If these parents use their rational thinking, they too will get a grip on reality and hold their daughter’s feet to the fire for her reckless deeds. I say this because it seems a little girl’s life could have been saved if Cindy Anthony wasn’t more preoccupied with what people think of her. If Casey didn’t want to raise Caylee perhaps the family should have given their blessings for adoption…

    12. faith says:

      i dont think calyee did anything for death penilty.the only person who would do that is well noybody should ever do that to there child cause one its not right and two if u didnt want a child you could just have gave her up for adoption.calyee was brought in to this world for a reason. and there was no reason that she should have been taken out of this world

    13. Kacey says:

      If Casey killed this Beautiful Little Angel Caylee, her pushment should be closed confidment alone forever with her daughter voice singing that song you are my sunshine OVER & OVER day & nite.Also pictures of Caylee skeleton flash
      ing in her jail cell. These killers need to be taught a lesson and teach other killers THIS IS THE CONSEAquences YOU will face. People who brake the law in the old days were HUNG! Now we slap their hands,feed them,give them TV & other privelages & pay taxes for them…If someone in my family killed,in a minute I would call the police and turn them in. Making the right decesions and TELLING the TRUTH will set you free. Read it in the Bible!!!I pray every day for CAYLEE
      that our Lord removes her pain and hold her close to him forever. Amen

    14. Jill says:

      Casey did this and her family should STOP protecting her and hold her accountable for her actions for ONCE in her life! Does anyone remember Scott Peterson’s parents? They honestly believed he was/is innocent! Unbelievable! I think they are all just in denial, it makes it easier for them.

    15. Lorna says:

      Casey Anthony has got to be one of the most selfish people that has ever lived (along with people like Susan Smith). Does she realize that Caylee was never truly Hers, we need to remember that God only loans his children to us for a short while and Casey will ultimately pay a much greater penalty than could ever be imposed in a court of law. I do believe that the prosecutor should ask for Death if only so that Casey faces Caylee and God that much sooner. Anyone who can take the innocent and ever forgiving love of a child for their mother and throw it away into a trash bag in the trunk of a car and then into a wooded area like Casey did to that beautiful child deserves hell for eternity, God help the G-parents and others who may have helped or protected Casey.

    16. carman says:

      I think one can tell simply by listening to Casey speak that she is guilty. Everyone else seems to be more upset than she is. All Casey has cared about is herself, i.e. partying, “that’s half my bond” when reffering to Caylee’s reward money. What sorry excuse for a mother, a woman, a human being. Some compared to to Susan Smith, I think Casey is 10X worse. She has lied, an lied continually while her daughter was decaying in the swampey forrest. She has lead her family to belive that the child is alive so they have desperately been trying to follow any lead. I pray for them all, including Casey.
      What has happened to God’s poeple?

    17. Robyn says:

      If my daughter were to kill my grandchild I would drag (caveman style) her to the Sheriff’s office by her hair, and get them to strangle the truth out of her.

      Someone had a vision in July or whenever of where Caylee was buried. It looks like a school swimming pool close to where Caylee was found by a meter reader.

    18. Jeremiah says:

      at least the family is sticking together and helping each other… isnt that what we want in America???

    19. anonymous says:

      I hope they deep fry casey Anthony that’s terrible what she did and thenlie so blatently when she was caught multiple times lying to the authorities

    20. kahli says:

      i cant image why someone would want to hurt such a beautiful little girl.
      i have no doubt in my mind that it was casey and for that she will rot in hell

    21. Jami says:

      I have been following this unbelievable story since the beginning. I watch Nancy Grace every night usually hoping that I will see something new that explains why this happened or how. In the beginning, I was certain that it was Casey who did something to her kid because of the way she acted, and the crap she told the cops and even her own parents. But lately something is telling me that her behaviour is of someone protecting someone. Now, it could be she’s just protecting herself but what the hell is her defense going to be when she lied so much?? I didn’t do it but I had to lie because….?? I have my doubts that we will ever know what really happened. When I look at the pics of her with Caylee when she was a baby, I see her love for that kid, and that’s what is so weird. Once you have a baby and love it as it grows to be 2 or almost 3, ending the life of your baby could only be done by a nut. She doesnt seem like a nut, just a spoiled, lazy, liar who didnt have her shit together. There is one pic I see all the time that makes me want to kiss Caylee’s little cheeks just like her mom has. Sad isnt the word for this.

    22. Everyone has been so quick to rush to judgement! What if Casey did not do this! Personally Ray Kronk and Leonard Padilla give me the creeps!I really believe that Casey did not commit first degree murder but she has already been convicted in the media! Caylee was a Beautiful child who should be alive but lets make certain that all facts are reviewed and no stone unturned!The FBI report states that they are not 100% certain that the remians were human! Please be leary of creeps like Nancy Grace who spin everything to what they believe happen! Please do not forget that Nancy Grace is responsible for Melinda Ducketts death! Nancy Grace will get her day in court! I hope NG gets the worst penalty possible!

    23. Paula says:

      Deanna, Nancy Grace is not responcible for Melinda Duckett, what planet are you from? Melinda chose to live her life the way she did and chose to end it the way she did. Nancy G. was not there with her saying “Do it, do it” Wake up, you can not blame anyone for your own actions. I suspose you are one of those people who thinks your life isnt as wonderful as you think you deserve to have it so it is everyone else’s fault but your own. Grow up!

    24. jackie says:

      Yes, Casey Anthony killed her little girl. It is obvious when you watch and listen to her mother in the jailhouse videos. No mother would only be worried about herself while her child was missing. It looks as though she is numb to any feelings whatsoever except when she doesn’t get her way. Casey’s mother has serious issues also. Her father probably realized this and that’s why he tried to end his life. Sick… Casey and her mother are just sick! She will get what she deserves and God will take care of that.

    25. mrs moody says:

      Your child grows inside of you,and comes out of you.That child is you.So innocent and beautiful.How could anybody ever kill a child especially their own, and to show no remorse at all is beyond me.Casey has shown absolutely no concern ,neither should we SHE DESERVES THE DEATH PENALTY!

    26. Leslie G. says:

      I wish they wood put you in the “generl population”. Maybe then you will finally confess to this crime!

    27. deloris j says:

      it is hard to think that the last thing that little girl seen was the mother she loved killing her. there are so many things that i do not understand about all of this. How on earth could the anthonys go out to eat after thay found out that the body. In 2003 i lost my husband,and then in 2005 my 2yr old grandson was beatten to death by my dauthers boyfrind. For months i couldn’t get out of bed, work, or eat. I do think that something is wrong. Someone knows something. In one of the blogs Debbie i think said that the anthonys would still love there dauther. That is a given if my dauther had had anything to do with the death of my worderful grandson i would love her, but i would not do what the anthonys have done. I pain of lossing someone you love is worse that anything you will ever go thought. Please dont fell sorry for the anthonys, i see nothing in then that shows that they are greifing THANK YOU snookie for what you said i to have cryed a river over my grandson and husband. BLESS YOU ALL

    28. Dorothy says:

      The tape was put over Caylee’s mouth to keep her screams from being heard and this leads me to believe that this baby was put in those garbage bags while still alive and then into Casey’s trunk. Possibly even still alive as her mother(?) partied. If this was an accident that killed Caylee, then there would have been no reason for the tape. Of ourse, she would have suffocated shortly but in the meantime, what a hellish way to die! If Casey did get help in disposing of the bags with little Caylee, it would have to be someone who she controlled with probably threats of some horrible disclosure which caused me to believe that Lee was under duress when he made the statement “he believed eveerything his sister told him.” There is no one of sound mind who would have willingly been a party to murdering and disposing of the remains of little Caylee except under dire circumstances. As far as Cindy and George, I don’t know why they have any sense left at all. They need all the help they can get to be able to survive and I don’t really see any reason that they would want to.

    29. Caseviewer says:

      It isn’t apparent to us at this point when the duct tape was applied. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that it was before the child was deceased. There could be biological reasons it was applied immediately after or later after death. I wouldn’t want to share them, but I could think of a couple of reasons for the applying of duct tape by whoever did it, after death. It also could have been after sedation by chloroform. It is horrible to think of it all.

      I wonder about Casey’s upbringing in light of all of this. Also why neither her family or friends seem to have been terribly concerned about her lying. Her family and friends seemed to have accepted the lies as part of her, and her as part of their groups. This could go back a long time . . . it appears she is truly a stranger to the truth as the judge said, and look at how voluminous her lies have been, that we know of.

      A person can lie in a photo as well. Just because Casey was smiling in photos of her with Caylee does NOT MEAN she loved the child, or wanted the child. I see Casey as highly manipulative and cunning; and she would know when the camera was on her what people would want to see in a photo of her with her daughter. It could have all been part of the charade, so she could be in a better position to acquire what she really wanted. I don’t think Cindy was easy to deal with in that house for ANYone; she seems to run the program in the house, and living there could necessarily mean trying to remain in Cindy’s good graces.

      Casey didn’t tell Cindy that she was even pregnant as I understand it, until she was several months along. Somewhere before giving birth, she talked with a friend about putting the baby up for adoption. She was never wanting to be a mother, and it shows, plus she could be psychopathic. I’ve read an opinion by a doctor that she was preoccupied with herself and narcissistic.

      I think the grandparents deserve some element of understanding also. Yes, we see dysfunction in that family, but c’mon, there is dysfunction in so many, many families. None is perfect, and the Anthony’s have never claimed to be. We ought not expect them to model excellence for us, we should expect some dysfunctional behaviors I would think. But look at all they have experienced; first both Casey and Caylee take off, and stay gone w/no warning; next a month after the fact, they learn their granddaughter has been missing for a month; next suspicions of Casey grow exponentially and some have taken their frustration with Casey out on them. There have been protestors to deal with, and a much larger group of people to deal with, ongoing, than most people who’ve lost a loved one, and certainly they have wondered what really happened, but they can’t make Casey share with them either. Then their flesh and blood Casey is arrested as being responsible for their granddaughter’s death. While on the defensive, stressed and anxiety filled from all of this, Caylee’s body is found, murdered. And near their house, and the truth they’re being told to face is that their daughter did it. And now without allowed a real time of grieving — keep in mind they’ve had to be in the spotlight and on the defensive all the while, from protestors, police, questions asked of them by media . . . now they have the additional prospect before them of their daughter’s free life having ended and that she might end up dead as well from the death sentence, unless miraculously it is proven she didn’t kill Caylee, and that doesn’t look likely at present. Most parents don’t ever have to deal with any of this, let alone in a short time span. Most parents wouldn’t want to help their child receive the death sentence either, whatever their child has done. They’ve each voiced suspicions about Casey in the past, whether about lying, stealing, and with regard to the odor of death in the car. But consider they’ve likely been counseled by the defense who wouldn’t be doing their jobs without counseling the Anthonys to be conscious of what they are saying in public, having the potential to influence people and potential jurors in this death-penalty case. This would explain their focus having shifted from voicing their suspicions. They can’t be expected to be 100% objective and have ace analytical skills, call the shots with no emotion, and if they desire Casey to get a fair trial–and I think most people in this nation believe in the right to a fair trial for everyone in this nation–if they desire this for their daughter, they musn’t play judge and jury themselves, when they know a jury is going to decide her fate. I don’t agree with everything I see either, but I’ve never been in their situation. Pray for them; God sees the heart, and our motives and intents.

    30. Deb says:

      I’ve been watching the jail visit videos showing on Nancy Grace this week. It’s very hard to sit and watch and listen.

      Someone just take this girl to the car used to keep that child’s corpse, open the trunk, stick that girl Casey’s head in it and ask her “Now…why did you do it?!”

      The grandparents know…they know

    31. atiana says:

      I always felt after the meter reader called so many times , was strange, seems like someone or somepeople kept hush. I saw pics of how close the body was to road. So close to Anthonys house my suspicion lay on improper investicating thoroughly around the area. Plus I feel Casey is a spoil cops daughter why did he tell her on video in jail just ask for so and so . what is that!Its as if they know she did it but think no one not even the justise system will punish my daughter only the man upstairs will judge her. Caylee was so beautiful her big giant brown eyes were captivating love when she tells her papa if hes tired so little with a big heart.

    32. CASSANDRIA says:


    33. rakesh says:

      This gave me as a great zeal.

    34. Kima says:

      Reading these posts is sad. So many people willing to jump to the assumption that she couldn’t have done this without help. Here we are almost 2.5 yrs after finding her and what do you think now? That it was a stranger or her grandfather? Or that this was a very selfish young woman? I don’t think Casey purposely murdered Caylee, or that she wanted her gone, etc. I think that since the nanny and the partime sitter never existed, and nobody else was ever found to have babysat the child, it is very likely Casey was chloroforming the baby, so that she could go out and party without her mom being angry about her lifestyle. I think it more likely she accidently killed Caylee with too much and panicked. She couldn’t call police or tell her family because she didn’t want to go to jail, so she staged it to look like a murder. probably in the hopes that if she were ever found, people would believe the ‘kidnapper’ killed the baby.She screwed up in the scarceness of the babysitter’s name, abandoning her car and putting Caylee’s body so close to her parents home.But this crime co9uldn’t have been committed by anyone else.

    35. jessicq says:

      I think what she really needs to do, Is stop being a manipulative, lying, retched, witch!!!! And confess!!! Why drag this whole thing out when the WORLD

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