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MMA Fighter Found Dead

In the Hindu mythology, you have a creator, maintainer, and a destroyer. In the world of MMA fighting, the role of destroyer had been taken by Justin Levens, a kick boxer who was not afraid to go against fellas double his size. He had the grit, and he did not lack the determination.

But now this MMA fighter’s friends, family, fans, and other assorted industry folks are left scratching their head. Not to forget the brothers in the police force and fire department.

25 years old Justin Levens and his wife, Sarah Mclean Levens, 28, were found in their California home dead. And the police is speculating that it could be a part murder and part suicide.

Orange country cops showed up at the door when the mother walked into the house and found the shocking scene in front of her. According to the sheriff, there was a single gun shot wound to the cranium or skull if you will. As of now, the cops suspect the shooter could be Justin Levens.

I am not much into MMA fighting. I find it brutal and gross but I am sure this sport has its fair share of fans. What do you think about this case and do you have an insight into what happened? Tell us below.

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