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Labor Woman Hilda Solis

Hilda L. Solis is a United States politician and belongs to the Democratic party. She has been on the scene since 2001 and represent California.

Solis came to the scene when she defeated the incumbent Matthew Martinez in the Dem primaries. Mr Martinez had been on ruling the roost for 18 years but he got whooped by Ms Hilda.

Even though Martinez was a Dem, he had a reputation for being slightly conservative. And this reasoning was justified on the basis of his support to NAFTA.

But that was not the end of it, he opposed gun law, and supported ban on abortion and did not think gays should get married.

Now that’s really a messed up ideology. I mean which side do you lean?

So anyway Obama has chosen Hilda Solis to run as his labor secretary and folks are excited about the pick.

Is there something you would like to share about Hilda through your working relationship with her? Do you have some insight you would like to share with us below?

Also, watch Hilda Solis on the youtube video below make a case for children health coverage.

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