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American Schools Run On Dunkun

Obama is big time into schools for the man himself had the best of it. Private schools and Ivy League Private colleges through out his life. However his wife is a product of public school education and she had done quite well for herself too.

Now the vision of Obama as far as education is concerned is going to be shaped by a man named Arne Duncan, and Arne is no stranger to those who know the education landscape of Chicago. Mr Duncan is the preset superintendent of Chicago Public schools and soon the man will be elevated to the post of Secretary of Education. Obama stars are shining on Chicago and I am sure the denizens of the great state of Illinois are loving every moment of it.

Mr. Duncan is a product of private education, just like his boss. Arne graduate from Harvard and both became pals on the basketball court first. Some say they started the discussion on the courts and soon it moved into the offices as well.

Duncan comes heavy on experience as he has served for about seven years in his previous position in Chicago and nobody doubts that the man is a push over for this guy took the bulls by the horns in the district of Chicago which has the country’s third largest school system.

Do you know this man or have you dealt with him in any capacity? What do you think of the nomination? Have your say below and let everybody know about it.

Good luck to our man Arne. Watch the Arne Duncan Public Hearing video on youtube below:

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    1. JoAnne Braley says:

      I agree completely with Nadine Moore, Developmental Learning. I studied to be a teacher years ago, but found better job in the business world. My daughter turned from good banking job to become primary teacher, because she wanted to help children as she never had any. I listen to her problems with the children from the poorer district and I can see that not all of them are college material. In fact, when I was in school, I did a paper on vocational education.
      There is pressure for the children to be “test” oriented, and that’s all they seem to study. For some of these children in my daughter’s class, it is a second language. Their parents can’t help them even if they wanted to, but mostly the parents have so many problems just paying the rent, and not abusing each other is difficult. My daughter buys books for them, and takes time to help, but some seem to need a psychiatrist! I found long ago that when I worked for IBM and other companies, people with Master’s Degrees worked for me, and I did not have that degree. Also, I found that my plumber made more money than my husband who was an executive. Some people are just made to do trades, and enjoy it more. I don’t want to pay taxes for those who simply do not want to go to college. Bill Gates didn’t finish college, nor did Michael Dell. We want to motivate people to get the basics, then to find their passion or work they love, to have morals, and it’s too bad we can’t teach that in schools!
      Abraham Lincoln did sums on the back of the shovel in the candlelight, we were told when I lived in Kentucky. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Don’t throw money away. The children in schools around the world, such as Belgium, who far outshine our school children do not have as much money. We need to make science and math exciting to those who are able, but also find the right paths of study for those who are good at the arts.

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