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Week’s Roundup

Been some time since I updated this blog. Been a lot busy with work and other activities outside my workplace. But I have kept up with the reading bit and been in constant touch with the happenings around my place, county, city, country and the world.

Morning I read about the shocking news of a group of Indian programmers and their families heading towards Niagara Falls but meeting with a deadly head on collision after it jumped the median on the interstate and stuck an oncoming car. The average speed on an interstate is about 60 to 70 miles per hour, which is about 120-140 kms/hr. The group consisted of 5 programmers and wives of two of them, all traveling in a minivan. According to reports, three miles inside the Pennsylvania-Ohio border, the minivan crossed the highway and began flipping and rolling, coming to rest on its roof. Only one person, who was sitting in the passenger seat, survived.

The gruesome picture leaves nothing to imagination about the fatality of the crash.

All of them worked for the outsourcing tech services company Syntel.

Our deepest condolences to the bereaved family members.


I have keeping track of the Microsoft release of SP3 for its XP operating system. XP, by far has been the best operating system released by MS. I use it both, at my workplace and and at home.

I had tried my hand at Vista when my old Gateway got literally burnt out and I went out to the local Wal-Mart and picked a Dell. I used it for like a week before giving up on it. The configuration was too cumbersome for the hardware to handle, either the Wi-Fi connection breaking up on my or the system getting too slow. The AMD processor in it did not help either. It was a hellish experience and not finding worth it, I promptly returned it back.

Now I have a custom ordered HP with Intel Centrino Duo with 2 GB RAM that came loaded with Microsoft XP.

Anyway, coming back to the SP3 release and going by the various user reviews, it seems you would be better off holding that update. I have heard a lot of complaints about how the update is messing up with media player, the booting process of the computer etc.

Microsoft is having an extremely bad streak. Vista got trashed by the Gartner Research. They called the launch of Vista as a nail being driven in Microsoft’s coffin. Or something to this effect. Then there was the failed Yahoo merger which Steve Ballmer so much wanted. And now the SP3 getting bad press.

I am not sure about the chronology here but anyway you look at it, I bet it hurts. (Steve Ballmer’s days are numbered?)

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