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PFTAUSW 081206u

Today I saw a lot of people searching for this term – PFTAUSW 081206u – and to put it modestly, I was totally baffled by it. What in heavens name does this term mean? Is it some code for something or it a virus name? From the looks of it, there seems to be a ZIP variant of this term as well and different combination too.

If you have been searching for this term and you know what it is, please fill everybody on it below.

Updates: I am going to be checking out the Boxing fight and I suggest you give it your best shot as well. If you have any questions, ask below and using crowd sourcing we will try to resolve your issue.

Happy Boxing viewing.

    5 Responses to “PFTAUSW 081206u”

    1. Rick says:

      If you don’t know…then you have absolutely no use for it and it’s better for those who do know that it stays that way

    2. Seba says:

      This is the code for the Viewsat free to air receiver that everyone is looking for o watch the De la Hoya vs. Pacquiao tonight.

    3. Troy says:

      HAhaha….so I guessed it right. It is indeed some sort of code.

    4. Seba says:

      is the naming convention of the file

    5. Troy says:

      Thanks for the info Seba. I appreciate it. Now people are going to have trouble using this code. I hope you guys help them out as well.


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