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Guru Peyarchi

What is guru Peyarchi Palangal Palan? I am not sure but I am taking the wild shot at describing what this phenomena is. Here goes:

In this period, Jupiter transit takes place on 6th of December 2008 (based on Vaakya panchang), Saturday at 6 AM from Dhanus rasi to Makara rasi.

Jupiter, which is known as the “Lord of the Fortune” is a subh planet. It takes 12 years to complete the 12 zodiac signs. In each house it stays for one year.Jupiter is responsible for Marriage,Kids, Money, Power etc.

If Jupiter is in a favorable milestone like exalted or in its own home, then the native will be an influential person, will enjoy all benefits and happiness.

If Jupiter is not powerful in one’s horoscope, they will find all problems in ones life. Money will not be steady. Obstacles and Problems are seen in their life.

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    1. P kumaaraguru s/o Palanisamy says:

      29 april 1981

      I just want to know my working details.
      Becouse now i as job less

    2. K.Umamagesh says:

      My question is
      1) I lost my job in december 2007 and still now iam not able to get through a nice job.
      2) My rasi — Kanni,, Natchtharam —- Hastham

      Kindly Tell me how is the sani payarchi now
      as iam facing a very bad time in my life.
      expecting ur reply and suggestions.


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