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Leslie Owen Collier

Leslie Owen Collier is one of the individuals to have been pardoned by Bush. Well thats one of the key jobs (or perks) of outgoing Presidents. They take money from all these individuals and grant them presidential pardon.

Leslie Owen Collier was a farmer from Charleston, Mo who had pleaded guilty to killing some bald eagles and few other animals on his farm by using poisoned bait.

I am not sure who lobbied on his behalf but here it is. This guy is off the hook. I bet Leslie Owen Collier must be desperate for this President’s term to get over so he could ask for pardon.

But looking at the crowd which is is reading this article, is there something that you guys know about this Bald Eagle killer that I don’t?

Check out more on Leslie Owen Collier from here – CLICK HERE.

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    1. Blepp says:

      Ha Ha what a joke of a site. Maybe if you had done even a cursory examination of the story you would have learned that Leslie Owen Collier is a woman.

      What an idiot.

    2. Blepp is an idiot says:

      Maybe if Blepp had read the article but Leslie is refered to as her throughout. Just like a Bushy to not look for the whole story. WMDs

    3. ABC says:

      He, not she. Leslie is a man’s name too ya know.

    4. kcmolady says:

      Leslie Owen Collier of Charleston, Mo., who pleaded guilty in 1995 to unlawfully killing three bald eagles in southeast Missouri. He improperly used pesticide in hamburger meat to kill coyotes, but ended up killing many other animals, including the bald eagles. Collier, who was convicted for unauthorized use of a pesticide and violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, was sentenced Feb. 2, 1996 in the Eastern District of Missouri. It was probation and a $10,000 fine. Although he’s not “doing time”, the pardon will be that he is no longer considered a felon. Not sure what happens about the $10,000 fine.

      P.S. – Leslie is a male.

    5. RBman says:

      Leslie Owen was killing coyotes (which are pests in most states) to keep them from killing off the turkey population. He used treated some hamburger with pesticide to kill them. Before them 7 dead coyotes could be disposed of 3 bald eagles and a red tailed hawk began eating the dead animals. He was clearly wrong in his method of controlling the coyotes but he had no intend on harming the eagles. To call him an eagle killer is extreme. It was an unfortunate accident which he regretted from the moment it happened.

    6. ................................... says:

      Being a convicted felon he also had to give up his guns this was dissapointing for him since he was a long time hunter. Many supporters of him said he was a model citizen and had been taken advantage of they wrote letters requesting pardon that were enentually granted.


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