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IIT On Dilbert – Yet Again

Today again IIT was featured on the Dilbert Strip. Check it out on the right. But I have to confess the strip did not make any sense. Not to me at least. It wasn’t even remotely funny, just some inter department politics and war. Maybe its some total nerdy geek corporate drama.

Asok conjures up all his IIT might to vaporize the powers of a stink eye that a colleague was giving him. In the process it seems he bit off the poor guys head.

The secret behind the power is of course his days spent in not just any Indian under graduate school but THE IIT.

His win is all that matters. Go Asoook!

On a side note it would be interesting to hear what Scott Adams thinks about the, much under fire, American skilled worker program. Also known as the H1B visa.

I am going to research a bit on this and dig out his thoughts, this is if he has already made them known. If he hasn’t. then I am going to leave a post on his blog urging him to write something about it. (I recommend you to nudge him too).

Think about it. Had the H1B program not been there, Indians would not have been working in US in such high numbers and consequentially, Asok may not have seen light of the day in this, by now legendary syndicated cartoon strip.

So in effect, Asok is a direct result of the success of Indians in the H1B program. Does Scotty like that? We hope to find that out soon.

On a related note, what do you think are the odds that the next new character introduced would be a Chinese. Possibly a fire breathing dragon.

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    1. Tarun says:

      When the strip can have a cat, a dog etc it can very well have a dragon too In fact I already saw one strip where sally gets sacked so he hires a dragon to slap a suit on the pointy haired manager. The dragon (or its look alike) asks the manager to take his suit off, so that he can slap him with it. 😀

    2. oriel says:

      err dude this is a play on the harry potter series department of magic, where hp gets a warning letter when he does some magic in front of muggles :-)


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