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Sidwell Friends School Washington Dc

So where do the sons and daughters of those occupying the highest office in the land go to? Not your regular public schools. But high priced expensive tuition taking schools. And Sidwell Friends School in the capital city Washington Dc is one of them.

This school has been selected by President elect Obama and his wife Michelle for their two daughters. The reason for selecting this school is because this institution can accommodate the special security needs of the first children. But the kids Sasha and Malia are not new to private schools, they had been going to one in Chicago as well.

Also, this is the same school where Chelsea Clinton went when she lived in the White House.

Boy, these kids are sure born with the silver spoon. I think Obama went to a private school in Hawaii but Michelle is a product of public school system in US.

Are you currently enrolled in Sidwell Friends School at Washington DC or know somebody who is enrolled there. Tell us below what is the ground situation like.

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