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India To Teach Brazil The Gentlemen’s Game

Even If you are an avid follower of cricket, I bet most of you still wouldn’t know that Brazil was inducted as a member of ICC not too long ago.

So when India’s president Pratibha Patil came calling on a state visit to the land of salsa and rumba, Brazil and India inked a deal to swap experts to help each other in the games they play best.

India is a power player in cricket with a ranking of number two in Test cricket in the world. Similarly the exploits of Brazil in football (soccer to Americans) is only too well known.

Although India’s official cricket club BCCI has already decided who will be heading to Brazil to teach them how to whack a ball with finesse, Brazil is still to decide who the soccer coach would be.

Brazil became an ICC member in 2002 and its international debut came in 2006 when it participated in the ICC Americas Championship in Suriname. Unfortunately, the soccer crazy nation lost all its games. This means the Indian coach for Brazil has his job all cut out for him. Win at least one game and all is good!

Hopefully, the Brazilian assist would increase the level of interest and quality of the sport played in India.

This is literally one “field” where both the countries can gain immensely from each others experience.

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