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Indian American CEO Shot Dead

Tech engineer kills three bosses at Silicon Valley start-up after being sacked

An Indian American CEO and director of a semi-conductor company in Silicon Valley was shot dead allegedly by one of his disgruntled former employees, who was let go recently, the police said.

The police have identified the victim as Sid Agrawal of SiPort Inc, a semi-conductor company based in Santa Clara.

Two others were killed in the Friday afternoon shooting at the company’s Office. One of them was being identified as Brian Pugh, vice-president of the firm.

The name of the third victim, a woman, has not been released.

Jing Hua Wu, 47, a family man with 25 years of experience in the industry, came back to the office and asked for a meeting to discuss his future after the dismissal. The killing spree took place against a backdrop of redundancies in Silicon Valley.

Mr Wu apparently seemed calm and gave no indication of his intentions until he pulled out a 9mm pistol during the meeting. Police said they knew of no previous history of violence or mental illness in Mr Wu’s background.

The economic downturn has hit the tech sector hard in the last few weeks. Orders for both business and consumer tech products have collapsed, and technology companies have begun laying off workers.

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