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The Best Indian Tech Companies To Work For

Indian companies have been making their mark the world over but I knew they had certainly made an impression among a couple of design engineers at my workplace, a German engineering giant, when I heard them discuss Tata’s latest automobile acquisitions.

Forbes recently ranked Google number one employer in US in almost all the criterias, be it the most fun place to work at, to its free gastronomical delights.

Similarly. it would be interesting to find out which Indian software company is ranked top and easily attracts the best talent because of its reputation, perks, cutting edge work etc.

With the intent of finding that out, I have created a poll here and I would like you readers to cast your ballot. In case the name of the company you would like to vote for does not feature, please select ‘Other’ and mention the name in the comments.

Do keep checking to see who is winning the most votes.

    6 Responses to “The Best Indian Tech Companies To Work For”

    1. Tarun says:

      :-) True, but i wanted to measure the Indian companies. Otherwise there is Google, SAP, IBM, TI, eBay, HP etc in India.

    2. Nithya says:

      Mindtree is number one, no doubt!

    3. Tarun says:

      Prayas, this is a random poll based on the people’s opinion. I know no benchmarks have been outlined thats why I inserted – In Your Opinion – in the question.

      The person who votes decides what parameters matters to them and who in their view is the best employer.

      This is all about perception.

    4. Muthu says:

      Wipro is the best indian IT company to work for … no doubt in that

      ->Provides opportunity to learn
      ->Eco friendly
      ->Known for its superior quality and standards
      ->Employer friendly
      ->Applying thought !!!

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