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Joe’s Website Secure Our Dream

Joe the plumber started a website called Secure our Dream and I heard it being mentioned on the Huckabee show. The moment Senator Huckabee asked Joe about his new venture and Joe the plumber mentioned his website, I thought of checking it out.

I opened it and the first impression that I got was that its a tacky site aimed at leveraging whatever media worthyness Joe the plumber has remaining. He is almost a no go on the media except for the republican channels or conservative air waves.

But anyway, Joe is coming out with a book, a forum, even a free news letter and the whole 9 yards to how ever he can maximize his revenue potential. HAHA…he is fading fast and his fortune would have been brighter had McCain won.

Joe also has the most slinky eyed picture showing up on the website. Who ever vetted that picture to be put up on that site is going to be ridiculed soon.

Few minutes into looking at the site when I refreshed it, it gave the “Service Unavailable” page. I guess too many people are trying to access it now. Joe is a fleeting phenomenon and he is going away as fast as he came into the limelight.

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