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Duchess of Birmingshire – Patricia Place


Patricia Place has a good following among the fans and they have been nice enough to leave a lot of comments below. Check out the user feedback below to know more about this actress.

I want to know more about Duchess of Birmingshire or Birminghamshire? Everyone’s talking about it. What it is? I want to know as much about this as possible!

From what I have been hearing about it, there is no such duchess of birmingshire.

But Patricia Place is an actor I have seen often on Everybody Loves Raymond. So is she, Patricia Place, the duchess of Birmingshire?

I am investigating more on this. Keep checking back for more updates on this page.

    8 Responses to “Duchess of Birmingshire – Patricia Place”

    1. Superdiva247 says:

      No, she is an actress – not a Duchess.

    2. MzDom says:

      No, she was acting on Charm School for the Rock of Love chicks… it was a challenge.

    3. Inspired Word says:

      Patricia Place is an actress who played the role of the Duchess of Birmingshire on “Rock of Love Charm School”. She recently died 1924-2008.

    4. Jaycee81196 says:

      Patricia PLace is an actress who passed away on September 20, 2008. She played as “her royal highness the dutchess of birmingshire paige erving cro harrington” on rock of love charm school.

    5. Celebration says:

      I think we have established that she was an actress. It’s been said 4 times already.

    6. lknoll says:

      She was an actress!

    7. Ashely Benson says:

      yall really need 2 stop listen and listen good im only sayin this once… shes an actress, she a dutchess on rock of love, and she wuz born 1930 and died in 2008 so before yall write sumthin get the facts straight.

    8. lknoll says:

      What do you mean by that? Are you trying to say she was an actress?


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