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An Onion A Day…


This week the popular parody site Onion is featuring India in its Our Dumb World series. The series is basically a caricature (or call it a skin developed by Onion) built on top of Google Earth with funny, and at times quite outlandish, quips about various Points Of Interest around the world.

As expected, when it comes to western humor on India, the stereotypes run galore. India gained prominence in the western popular culture by riding primarily on its success in tech related services. Among other things, this handle was seized by the professional joke writers as well who used it as creative fodder in their businesses. Popular examples are most Indian jokes in shows like Jay Leno/David Lettermen, Dilbert’s Asok or as we see in this case, Onion. indian fun, offshoring india, onion article on india, tech call india, tech support funny

Given the excruciating circumstances of our nation’s birth, Indians everywhere today can be proud of their country and its achievements. (Although we still have a long way to go). But if somebody makes fun of things Indian, our success has given us this much strength that we can take the ribbing in good humor and specifically, without getting offensive about it.

Onion doesn’t have a reputation of mincing its words. So if you read their articles for the first time, it may seem like they are making pointed, offensive remarks. But rest assured, I have been reading them for a long time and can definitely vouch that they are an equal opportunity butt kicker with no agenda except spoofs. funny indian article, funny indian news report, india around the world, india outsource funny,



Here’s another gem on the site – For nearly 200 years, England ruled over 500 million people on six continents-a time in which it was commonly said that the sun never set on the British Empire. Today, however, the sun sets on the British Empire at precisely 5:47 p.m. GMT.

Head over to Onion for more of this.

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