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Escape The Chem Lab Walkthrough

You are trapped in a chemical lab. You have to use the available clues to escape from here. Finding the way out will really test your ingenuity. Have fun! Best of luck.

1. Click on stool until you see the bottom, get gas mask

2. Go left until you see broken glass on table, clicko n outlet and get pin from outlet.

3. Use pin on hole in centrifuge to open it and get test tube with green fluid

4. Zoom in on bin next to centrifuge, on right side of bin, click the gray thing to get a green key.

5. Zoom back out, click to go left, on tall cabinet click close to green button at the bottom to zoom in, notice the access card, above button to the left.

6. Zoom back go to where you are facing the door. click in corner or room left of the door, you will zoom in. Click on corner of carpet. to get yellow key.

7. Go left twice. zoom in on green cabinet in the corner. put green key in bootm hole, and yellow key in top hole, the cabinet will open. Now use access card on item in cabinet. Get dangerous chemical.

8. Go right twice. Zoom in on test tube rack. Place green tube in left hole, and add dangerous chemical. you will now have an empty beaker.

9. Face the sink, zoom in on sink. Click handle and it will say water supply is not working. zoom back out. click on right corner of vent above the broken glass. water will be dripping out of tube in vent. use beaker to collect some water.

10. Go back to test tube rack. PUT ON GAS MASK! add water to solution. sensors will go off. Click door and you are out! (You have to click on where the handle to door would be to.

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    1. caroline says:

      Sorry what stool and what gas mask are you sure you have the right game here there is no gas mask or stool some one agree with me here please.

    2. ????? says:

      yeah dude ya got the wrong game man


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