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Kansas State Coach – Gary Patterson?

Do you guys think Coach Gary would go down to KSU and teach football there? I am inclined to think TCU coach Gary Patterson would NOT take the Kansas State job (now that Ron Prince is out). I also heard that Patterson is on the payroll through 2012 and makes good piles of money.

TCU has upgraded its athletic facilities and the program has been strong the last five years-plus. He’s had other chances in the past but has passed. Maybe if a Tennessee or Auburn or perhaps Clemson came calling, he’d listen. Not so sure about a lower-tier Big 12 program that has struggled of late.

Heck, he’d have a better shot at getting TCU in a BCS bowl than a K-State program competing against the likes of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, etc.

I think these justifications are pretty strong and it would be either too stupid or absolutely genious if he went down there knowing something which we don’t know.

Check out Gary Patterson’s interview video below:

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    1. Andrew says:

      Research where Patterson graduated from, then maybe you can come up with some better reasons for him not going to KSU.


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