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Eagles Hank Baskett Engages Kendra Wilson (Photos)

It didn’t take long for media puppy Kendra Wilkinson, who stars in Girls next Door to move on following her break up from ex beau Hugh Hefner. Looks like she almost snapped out of one relation and into the hands of another one. Wilkinson has now been proposed by NFL star Hank Baskett.

Baskett got down on his knees to the cheerful blonde on the roof top restaurant Space Needle in Seattle and both families were reportedly on hand for the surprise. The group was in Seattle to watch Baskett’s Eagles play the Seattle Seahawks.

Watch Hank do a TD in the video below:

    8 Responses to “Eagles Hank Baskett Engages Kendra Wilson (Photos)”

    1. Abc says:

      cheating title! where is Eagles Hank Baskett Engages Kendra Wilson (Photos)?

    2. Troy says:

      Thanks for pointing it out. Its been corrected.

    3. Mike Green says:

      Leave it to a rich dumb negr0 athlete to marry a white wh0re. This woman has no education and her only professional experience is f0cking p1mp hefner. Negr0 men don’t have any damn standards

      • Me says:

        You are real dumb yoursef. First of all, the guy is mixed and he is a very nice guy on tv and since you do not know him why are talking smack about him. Second, don’t hate on other people just because your dick is little.

    4. Will says:

      Mike, you sound a little jealous. Dumb negr0? It is really sad when a white person resorts to calling someone dumb when you come online and purport to insult someones intelligence and you can’t even formulate a proper sentence. Punctuation, you idiot, and proper syntax might give you some legitimacy when trying to insult someones intelligence. You are a sad and lonely little man who probably has a very small pen1s to match the size of your brain. Get a life moron.

    5. Don says:

      Will: I’m a grammarian and there was nothing wrong with Mike’s sentence structure. Mike was “jealous” of nothing. You just hate it when someone tells an obvious truth. An unwise man once said: “You are a sad and lonely little man who probably has a very small pen1s to match the size of your brain.”

    6. Will says:

      Don, you claim to be a grammarian (doubt it very seriously)and that is the best you could come back with. It would be nice to think that with you being a “grammarian” that you might have a tad bit of intelligence. You come online to defend an obvious racist and say that there is nothing wrong with his sentence structure. Where is the comma between the adjectives rich and dumb? Where is the period at the end of the paragraph. I guess you think that because we are online intelligence does not matter. Also, as far as you and the other internet gangster are concerned, what exactly do you know to be an “obvious truth”? I will be perfectly honest with you, there is no hate on my part, pity for you and your ignorant partner, but no hate. Good thing we have forums like this or else there would be no place for you and your cowardly friend to vent. I don’t think that you would have the intestinal fortitude to do or say anything derogatory to anyone’s face. Enjoy your bitter, small life.

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