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Fox News Election Results

Election audience on tee vee and online could approach records Tuesday night — provided some suspense holds.

The presidential campaign has been a TV hit from crowded pre-primary debates through a Barack Obama infomercial last week that reached an “American Idol”-sized audience. It stands to obvious conclusion that 10s of millions of Americans will tune in for the D Day results.

“All the indications are the audience should be the largest ever. But who knows?” said Paul Friedman, senior vice president of CBS News.

If toss-up states that report early, such as Virginia, go Obama’s way, then it might be known quickly that the Democrat will be tough to beat, Friedman said. That would drain the evening of drama and might cause viewers to drift away, he said.

Pretty obvious. According to Fox News, the sooner the toss up states declare the results, the sooner we would know who has won the elections. Nobody is going to wait for California to finish voting as we already know Cali is going blue.

Check out this Simpson funny video when Homer tries to vote for Obama.

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