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How Does An Indian Company Innovate?

…By opening tech centers in US and hiring US talent.

Traditionally, Indian companies have focused more on either importing cheap labor from India using the skilled worker visa (a lot of them even come on Business visa and do billing but thats another story) as the statistics have shown or by totally off-shoring the job to low cost development centers back home.

In a changing trend, TCS, the largest technology services company from India plans to open a development center in a former paper plant in Cincinnati, Ohio. To staff the site, the company additionally announced it has plans to recruit about 1000 people. Talent would be primarily scouted from the mid-west. This would make it one of the largest U.S based development centers by an Indian company.

Perhaps more such examples of local hirings would help deflect some of the criticism the Indian companies have been gathering lately about ridding America of high paying tech jobs, which consequentially also resulted in less number CS major seats getting filled up in colleges.

In related news, Bill Gates recently proffered his views to a senate committee hearing about skilled worker visa reforms. Affirming his traditional position of supporting an increase in the number of such visas, Bill Gates thinks there is dire shortage of skilled manpower in America and if the country is to maintain its numero uno position, needs to act fast on this.

Read more about reverse outsourcing from an Economics Times article from here.


My comment about Indian companies innovating is in humor. Hoping nobody takes offense.

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