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Studs Terkel Of Hard Times Is Dead

Pulitzer winner Studs Terkel, author of exert subject matter tomes and expert radio host whose oral histories chronicled the travails and triumphs of America’s working class, has died. He was 96 years old.

Terkel died today at his home in Chicago, his son, Dan Terkel, said in an interview. “He just went very quickly and was in no pain at all,” Dan Terkel said. “He lived a very long, full, satisfying though sometimes impetuous life.”

Born in New York, Terkel became synonymous with Chicago, the city where he moved at age 10 and rarely left. His parents ran a boarding house and a men’s hotel during the Great Depression, giving the young Terkel a steady diet of the struggles of ordinary people whose stories became his life’s work.

I don’t have any updates on Studs funeral but I will update this page once I come across that information.

RIP Studs Terkel.

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    1. Troy says:

      You are welcome Eric. How do you remember Studs. Any words for him.


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