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Golmaal Returns Review

People loved Golmaal. People are going to hate Golmaal Returns. This new movie treats the viewer like a dumb person, without any brains. There is absolutely nothing to laugh about in the movie but besides that I have heard that this movie is simply unbearable!

35 years ago, the Kiran Kumar – Radha Saluja comedy AAJ KI TAZAA KHABAR [1973] is the inspiration for Golmaal Returns.
No issues with that, it’s an interesting concept. But screenplay writer Yunus Sajawal makes a mincemeat of the material, so much so that your head starts aching after a point and you want to tear your hair in disgust.

Seriously, what was the writer thinking when he came up with a pathetic screenplay? And how did a talented director like Rohit Shetty agree to ride on it? And how could an accomplished actor like Ajay Devgan green signal this enterprise? Questions, questions, questions…

Did you see the movie? What do you think about it?

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