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How Google News Came About


(The house, in Menlo Park, California, where Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin rented the garage nine years ago to set up Google. Google purchased the 1,900 sq ft house from Susan Wojcicki).

How the Google News came about has an interesting story behind it.

Google allows its employee to spend 20% of their time working on whatever they want. The company trusts the employees will utilize this time to purse an intelligent hobby or build interest things.

It was in the aftermath of September 11. Krishna Bharat, an AI expert, wanted to follows the news about the deadly instance so started scouring multiple websites looking for updates and news about the case. Soon an idea emerged in his head. He thought why don’t I write a program to do this? So he came up with a Web crawler which would traverse these websites and gather news articles.

Later when he started emailing this around in his office, his colleagues thought it would be a great to build product around this cluster search. That led to the seed idea and eventually, the development of Google News.

Earlier we had profiled another Indian Engineer in the employ of Google who had led the charge for Google’s Adsense program successfully. Catch up about him from here –

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