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Argent Healer

A lot of gamers are trying to find out what Argent Healer is in the context of World Of War Craft. The popular question asked was:

Who are these people? i.e. Argent Healer And why are they standing around all the capitals warning of the tendrils of the Lich King?

Below are some of the answers given by gamers but even here we are shooting in the dark. I am sure gamers would like to know a lot more than this.

I suspect tendrils might have something to do with it; especially those belonging to the Lich King.

Its nothing to be concerned with. They are just there as a precatuionary measur—– BRAINS! BRAINS! BRAINS!

If you know a better answer, please leave your reply below. If its good, I will include it in the article for the benefit of gaming community world wide.

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