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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

2008 Power Rankings: Week 8
1 (1) Titans 6-0-0 A resounding win in Kansas City sets the table for the Titans to show off on “Monday Night Football,” when a win over the Colts would make it nearly impossible for Indy to win a sixth straight division title. (PK)
2 (2) Giants 5-1-0 The dominating defense returned against the 49ers. Cowboys coming to town in two weeks. (MM)
3 (3) Steelers 5-1-0 It’s a big week in Steel Town. This week’s game against the New York Giants should be one of the better matchups of the early season. (JW)
4 (4) Bills 5-1-0 The Bills rebounded from their ugly Week 5 loss to the Cardinals with another well-rounded display against the Chargers. The Bills can win with offense, defense or special teams. (TG)
5 (5) Redskins 5-2-0 The Redskins won ugly against an improved Cleveland defense. With Detroit next, the Redskins should be 6-2 heading into their Week 9 MNF game vs. Pittsburgh. (MM)
6 (7) Buccaneers 5-2-0 The Bucs are solid in every way. Plus, running up against teams without their QBs helps. (PY)
7 (10) Panthers 5-2-0 The Panthers showed their blowout loss to Tampa Bay was a fluke. And Julius Peppers showed up against the Saints. (PY)
8 (9) Cardinals 4-2-0 Kurt Warner needed the bye week to heal up heading into a tough road test at Carolina. (MS)
9 (17) Patriots 4-2-0 Who are these guys, and when are they going to string together two similar performances in a row? Their games will feature a lot of points. We just don’t know if they’ll be scoring them or surrendering them. (TG)
10 (19) Packers 4-3-0 Never has a bye come at a better time. The Packers have two handfuls of players who need rest. (KS)
11 (13) Eagles 3-3-0 The Eagles had a very productive bye. Brian Westbrook was able to recover from a couple of injuries, and the Cowboys lost again. (MM)
12 (14) Jaguars 3-3-0 Reggie Nelson could return, which will give the defense a boost. But if Matt Jones begins a suspension, the offense will take a hit. (PK)
13 (20) Bears 4-3-0 The Bears are overcoming their defensive issues with, yes, a powerful passing offense. (KS)
14 (15) Falcons 4-2-0 Coming off the bye, the Falcons are healthy, rested and capable of doing more damage. (PY)
15 (6) Cowboys 4-3-0 Probably generous to put the Cowboys here after Sunday’s performance. This team is staring 4-6 in the face. (MM)
16 (8) Colts 3-3-0 The Colts are a yo-yo. For everything good they did in a top-to-bottom win over Baltimore, they did something bad in a terrible showing at Green Bay. (PK)
17 (11) Chargers 3-4-0 The Chargers will have to find their consistency in Europe, because it hasn’t happened stateside. (BW)
18 (12) Broncos 4-3-0 The Broncos’ defense is just not good enough to survive sloppy offense, which has been the case in all of Denver’s losses. (BW)
19 (16) Jets 3-3-0 The Jets frittered away an opportunity to establish themselves as an AFC East contender. Instead, they lose to the Raiders in OT, while the Bills and Patriots distance themselves. (TG)
20 (23) Ravens 3-3-0 Not even the “Wildcat” formation can run against Baltimore’s defense. (JW)
21 (18) Saints 3-4-0 Perhaps the most underachieving team in the NFL. But that will be decided for certain against the Chargers in London. (PY)
22 (21) Vikings 3-4-0 The Vikings’ special teams have given up five touchdowns in seven games, an unexpected problem. (KS)
23 (26) Texans 2-4-0 Two wins in a row after an 0-4 start put this team in a much better frame of mind. Now can the Texans keep the Bengals winless? (PK)
24 (22) Browns 2-4-0 It’s hard to expect Cleveland to beat the Giants and Redskins in back-to-back weeks. But an early hole likely ended its playoff hopes. (JW)
25 (28) Rams 2-4-0 The Rams have the feel of a team playing with nothing to lose. That makes them dangerous. (MS)
26 (24) Dolphins 2-4-0 The Dolphins have gotten a reality check with back-to-back losses, including one to the Ravens at home Sunday. Like almost everybody else, consistency is a problem. (TG)
27 (29) Raiders 2-4-0 Tom Cable says the Raiders are 1-0, so perhaps this team is under-ranked. But the standings say they are 2-4, so the rankings are probably right. (BW)
28 (25) 49ers 2-5-0 The failure to develop Alex Smith ultimately cost Mike Nolan his coaching job. (MS)
29 (27) Seahawks 1-5-0 Seattle’s offense has reached new levels of futility. Mike Holmgren seems to have no answers. (MS)
30 (30) Chiefs 1-5-0 This team is starting to make a strong case for being the worst in the league. (BW)
31 (31) Bengals 0-7-0 It’s time to start thinking 2009 draft in the Queen City. (JW)
32 (32) Lions 0-6-0 When is it appropriate to start the 0-16 countdown? (KS)

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