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Google 411 – Help Just A Call Away

I recently used Google’s telephone help service and the experience was truly amazing. I haven’t heard people in my circle of friends either mentioning it or using it but I would recommend it to all who are based in US or Canada. (Google implemented it in Canada quite recently from what I gather).

This service allows you to call up a help line number. You begin by stating your location (you have the option of entering the ZIP code as well) and the business you are looking for. Google then lists out various businesses by number. You can choose a particular one by stating the number and pronto, you are connected with that business.

Since I travel to new places within US all the time, I find it immensely useful to just call them up and ask for businesses. Although I have a GPS which comes in very handy for driving and since it has an integrated Bluetooth technology with business telephone numbers, so I am never short on options. But imagine if you sitting inside and feel like ordering a pizza. Then it’s more convenient to call up Google and have them connect you directly to the nearest pizza joint.

Its fairly simple to use. I have included a slick Youtube video produced by Google which demonstrates how to get the maximum benefit out of the service.


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