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China-Pak Nuclear Deal

For a smart country China seems to have made one of the most frustratingly stupid decisions. It seems to even the odds against India, China will now help Pakistan make two nuclear plants. The world markets crash coupled with the food and energy crisis has left the unstable Pakistani economy further in shambles. The local political chaos only makes things worse. While most smart investors have taken note of these issues and pulled out (Pakistan shows a negative 16% growth in foreign investment) why is china putting its money into the country or more appropriately down the drain?

Many locals believe that the current government of Pakistan is one of the most corrupt ones to ever come into power. Many also predict that most of the money that is coming in for these plants will never see the light of the day and end up in some politicians pocket if not in their stomachs.

People already know about the previous nuclear fiasco i.e. Pakistan has been known to provide nuclear weapons to other nations under the table. The official stand is that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was the sole operator acting as the seller of these weapons. However, it doesn’t take a very smart person to figure out that one man cannot possible sneak nuclear weapons out from under the army’s nose and then smuggle them out of the country unaided.

Since no real details concerning the deal are being released one can only speculate whether or not Pakistan is allowed to use the nuclear energy for producing power and only power or going ahead and creating one or two more weapons.

Presently, no city in Pakistan is safe from terrorists with even the capital getting hit on a semi regular basis. Handing over more nuclear power to such a country where terrorism has surpassed the usual barren land and hopped into the urban cities is a pretty good idea if you want al qaeda in your own backyard. The Marriott blast in Islamabad took place under heavy security. What if terrorist got to infiltrate these facilities and wreak havoc?

China is not a dim country. She is not known for taking decisions in haste. Is this merely an act of friendship between the two nations or something more? How could a state possible take such a decision in good faith? And what does China hope to accomplish by doing this?

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