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Popular Website Designers

Although I am not a website designer but I have two favorite sites which I occasionally check to see the latest in web site designing or simply to read what’s keeping some of the best designers occupied on any given day.

Elliot Jay Stocks

This guy rules! Elliot, until recently used to work for the equally famous design studio Carsonified (UK), which I once mentioned earlier in this blog as the creative brains behind the Future Of Web Apps website.

Copying is the best form of flattery but Elliot has been plagiarized so many times by other designers and minus the credit that it doesn’t humor him any more. I don’t blame him at all, stealing somebody else’s work and passing it off as your own is totally abhorrent in my opinion. But nonetheless it is a measure of his popularity among his peer group.

The image below is from a custom script by the man himself. Refresh to load a new pic every time.

Elliot has worked with a lot of big names including music album covers I believe. Check out his portfolio for more information.

Web Designer Wall

Another blog with one of the best designs, IMHO, is Webdesignerwall. The site never fails to impress me every time I go there. Judging by the number of comments on any post, the immense popularity of the blog is quite apparent.

This blog is a bit more persistent and resourceful in terms of daily posts and tutorials.

Both these sites feature professional tips and advice on designing. Though I have nothing even remotely to do with designing, it is always a pleasure to visit these sites and see what the latest trends in this field are.

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