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Best Text Editors For Blogging

We all have our personal favorites when it comes to using a specific editor for our blog. Some prefer writing directly in the space provided in the “Write” page of the dashboard while others are content with a notepad like text editor. In this post I am going to elaborate on few other tools one can use to make the task of writing more optimized.


This plugin is my personal favorite. It is basically an extension which can be used with Firefox. It appears as a small notepad icon on the bottom right corner. Once configured with your blogging website details and login name/password etc., you have the option of either publishing or saving it as draft on your website directly from this tool.

The reason I find favor with this tool is because, imagine you are reading an article online and you decide to blog about it, then all you have to do is click on the yellowish notepad/pen icon in the corner of the screen. This would fire up the tool and open the text editor horizontally, covering around half of the page (can be further dragged up or down). It allows you to start blogging immediately with the original article right in front of you.

Click on the thumbnail below to see how the tool looks like when activated.


The plugin also allows you to save notes but another feature which I find immensely useful is the embedded Technorati search in it. By using it you can see what other blogs are linking to the page and what they are saying about it. You can read a few of them and form your opinion on what you want to write about.


The version I have of ScribeFire is a bit bugsy. After you write your material and publish it, the new line character sometimes behaves erratically. To over come this, I generally post my material as Draft and then further edit it in the WordPress dashboard Write page to remove any defects.

Other Popular Tools

Suppose you like a plain vanilla online based text editor then try out EditPad ( It allows you to count the characters and words in your article, plus you can download it and save it as a text file.

Zoundry Raven is another popular and sophisticated blogging tool which can be used for editing and publishing. But personally speaking, I use this application just for storing all my web posts locally.

A whole bunch of professional bloggers swear by Google Docs by I don’t see any specific advantage besides the collaborative nature in them. Unless you have a whole team focusing on that one doc, it doesn’t appeal much to me just for blogging purposes.

All these tools mentioned above are open source and anybody with even minimal tech skills can instantly start using them. Know of some editing tool with better features, let us know below.

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