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A View On Spirituality And Philosophy

Just my view on Spirituality and philosophy (Which is nothing more than peoples opinions).

Philosophers, spiritual and religious leaders and even scientists have all tried to prove why their belief is the best concerning God but no one knows for sure.

I do not consider myself as a religious person, set to dogma of a certain religious group, rather I’d say I’m a Spiritual being, a human being who seeks answerers to life’s mysteries.

I agree whole heartily that organized religion has been used to control human behavior and in doing so been cause of many hardships. Deaths and war, a sad but true fact. I do not humanize God as I choose to call the higher power in my life. “He” does not punish or reward those who are bad or good, after all who decides what is bad or good? Man!!

In my opinion all that happens in the universe happens for a reason though we often do not see the purpose. As far as religions are concerned all paths lead to same destination a connection and sense of serenity to God as we understand “him” so take what u like and leave the rest, perhaps if more people accepted the similarities in others rather than seek to judge the differences this world would be a more peaceful place.

Although reality isn’t the same I long for a philosophical vision that intermingles true spirit of God with fellowship, kinship of all people, perhaps this will happen in some lifetime. It doesn’t hurt to try, let it begin here and now with us :)

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      its good shyler

    2. I like that I don’t have to pay for a subscription like wow


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