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OJ Simpson’s Sister Carmelita Durio

This lady on OJ Simpson’s right is Carmelita Durio and she is the sister of the infamous football star OJ Simpson. O.J. Simpson, as you all know by now was found guilty late on Friday on all the 12 charges stemming from a confrontation in a hotel room last year. This included armed robbery and kidnapping as well.

This verdict comes almost 13 years to the day after OJ was acquitted in the highly publicized gruesome killings of his ex-wife and her friend. This case got concluded in a four-week trial (fast track?) and many are bound to see it as a comeupance from the unsatisfied verdict in that 1995 trial.

Another family member that is deeply affected by all this is OJ’s daughter Arnelle. Here’s any interesting bit. In his soon to be bestseller, O.J. introduces the character of “Charlie” with little fanfare and insight and then reveals that “Charlie” helped him cover up the double homicide. Many pseudo-detectives have always thought O.J. needed an insider to make his get away.

But many were left wondering on what the identity of Charlie could be!

If you ask me, the evidence clearly points to O.J.’s 25-year-old daughter at the time, Arnelle L. Simpson. In more recent periods, Arnelle successfully negotiated the book deal between O.J. and HarperCollins; she was also happens to be the beneficiary of the profits; and, guess what, she was also at O.J.’s house on the night of the murder. Who would know the situation better than her. (Except OJ of course).

I have thought of this guy as guilty from long time and I have every reason to suspect that Simpson deserves the punishment. He got a lucky break the first time but law was bound to catch up with him if he continued to think he could get away with everything.

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