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Brenda Slaby Cecilia Slaby

Most Hated Mom In America

This is how some of the viewers are referring to Brenda Nesselroad Slaby, mother of Cecilia Slaby. The most hated mom ( Brenda) because she left her child Cecilia in a car causing her death.

On “The Oprah Show” Brenda Slaby of Symmes Township spoke for the first time on camera since accidentally leaving her daughter in a hot car more than a year ago.

Brenda actually says it was harder to talk to Julie, a local talk show host, because of the intensity of the case, but now it was the time to talk about the incident.

This is the first we’ve seen Cecilia. Brenda Slaby says she needed to protect her, in a sense to hide her from the media storm that followed her untimely death at just two-years-old.

Every summer, the same tragic news is reported, someone forgets their baby in the back seat of their car….the baby is found dead from heat exhaustion hours later.

Like for instance, last summer, Brenda Slaby of Clermont County made national headlines after her 2-year-old daughter died after being left in the back of her SUV.

A lot of people are suggesting if there should be some sort of alarm in the car to warn about such cases and prevent them from occurring. It would be great to have it but I don’t know how it could be possible.

    48 Responses to “Brenda Slaby Cecilia Slaby”

    1. lizzy Burton says:

      Okay,Okay,Okay.Did anyone watch Oprah Yesterday!!!??? I was just on Cinci Moms and some woman made the comment that Brenda was so hated while people who accidentally backed over their children with SUVS are not. Are we Serious???? The person didn’t FORGET that the child was playing right behind their car. They had no Idea that the Children were even there. Brenda told a little SOB story about how overwhelmed as a Mother she was.Boo hoo.So sad. The only one I have ANY compassion for in the situation was for the BABY. One, Brenda was a married woman with two children who was an assistant principal. Oh, come on. I know single mothers who work,go to school, and have three children who do just fine making sure that they are taken care of. Was the school she worked at an all year roud school???? In most schools teachers,principals,etc….. get the summers OFF! A whole two and a half months to relax! All in all I am sick of the excuses from Mommies who feel that they have it oh so rough with their meetings over doughnuts ( she didn’t forget about them,eh?),their double income and support of their husband, and their one or two children. I am also tired of Mothers(basically parents in general) saying that they are underappreciated and under valued in society.If you people want a medal just for keeping your children ALIVE, then DON’T HAVE THEM!!!!!

    2. Michael Messer says:

      There may be evidence that this woman had been warned previously about leaving her children alone in the car for periods of time. According to Channel 5 news site in Cincinnati.

    3. megan patterson says:

      megan patterson –
      I read the article on the Cincinnati site. This woman makes me ill. I suppose it was a sob story on “Oprah” about the stressed, overstretched woman of today. I don’t need a “wake-up” call–my child is the NUMBER ONE priority and the only thing that matters compared to the job or the box of doughnuts.

    4. karen tafe says:

      Disgusting, ignorant, neglectful Parents!! All these Parents should be in Prison for murder. Your children & babies should be NO#1 in your life. Then you have the Mother that was high on drugs & Drunk that rolled over on her baby, smothered it & gets PROBATION!! If proven guilty w/DNA, Forensics, your admission, or security camera’s then I feel you should be put to Death in 30 days. Taxpayers are fed up w/paying for murderers for yrs. in Prison to appeal or fight Death Penalty. This is telling Parents the WRONG MESSAGE!! Ohio needs to stop this now. If found guilty w/DNA, Forensics, Security Camera’s or their own admission, they need to be put to Death in 30 days. Thats more then the victims got. They have NO RIGHT living on Taxpayers $$ for yrs. appealing. Our Justice System does great for criminals & nothing for the victims. I feel its time to unseat Judges & Prosecutors that doesn’t hold these idiot parents & other murderers responsible for their actions. God has received so many little Angels at the hands of their Parent or Parent partners. Ohio needs to get tough on these cases. Now more & more idiot Parents will use the same excuses to get away w/MURDER!! Canton alone & Cleveland has been in paper so much the last 6 months for similar cases. R.I.P. our little Angels. Murderers!! My kids we’re & still are NO# 1 in my life.

    5. lizzie says:

      Wow, lot’s of emotions from this one. I loved my kids more than anything in the world, when they were little, and I still do, now that they’re big. I never forgot them; but I was trained by the best (my mom, before I lost her when I was 30). Not everyone has the benefit of a mom to teach you how to be a good mother, and how to watch, and protect your children. I don’t feel sympathy for drug addicted moms, or drunk moms, but this woman was merely scatterbrained. Yes, she was an idiot for leaving her baby alone on previous occasions, but what a horrible way to have to learn a lesson. I feel for her, because she loved her children. I myself COULD have made some awful mistake, I know that I would dream that I left the baby somewhere…so it’s always a fear of moms. This woman and her family needs our prayers, and if she can help prevent other deaths, then her baby didn’t die in vain.

    6. Angela Adams says:

      Yeah…. I agree with Lizzy Burton. What the hell do you mean the baby didn’t die in Vain.Obviously that baby dying didn’t prevent the baby that was left in the car outside of her Mothers Work at Christian University. That Mother made the comment that if only the Daycare would have called her, then she would have remembered. What makes people so damn angry is that these women were charged with NOTHING. How is forgetting you have a child with you, and letting them die NOT child endangering????!!!!!!! What if someones child was at daycare and the daycare provider “forgot” one of the children outside and that child got hit by a car or something!!!!???? They WOULD BE FRIED!!! They would probably be charged with child endangerment,neglect,manslaughter…….they WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SAY, “well, I had six children, and thought I only had five to take care of that day.I just FORGOT little Susie had been dropped off with me this Morning!” Boo fucking Yah. Lets see how this would pan out!

    7. Jeff Godsey says:

      Brenda and even Oprah herself tried to make it come off that it was the FATHERS fault on Oprah! That Fathers should Help out more.What a fucking Joke. At least these women HAD HUSBANDS, their income and their damn support. What about the women out there who were left by their Husbands or are widowed and have to raise their children alone. Whiny Bitches.

    8. FDW says:

      YES she did leave the baby in the car many times there are police reports.
      And i would love to spread the truth that people don’t know by watching Oprah.
      There are many things that don’t add up with this woman. Go to channel 9 wcpo cincinnati and look her up it’s enough to make you sick!

    9. NO SYMPATHY FOR SLABY!!!!! says:

      Reported by: Tom McKee
      Photographed by: Gary Hughes
      Union Township police investigation urged charge of child endangering against toddler’s mother.

      Documents released by Union Township police Wednesday show that two-year-old Cecilia Slaby had been left unattended in family vehicles numerous times before she died in her mother’s hot car behind Glen Este Middle School August 23.

      That information was contained in a 38-page report sent to Clermont County Prosecutor Don White, who on Tuesday said he would not prosecute Brenda Slaby, the child’s mother, in the case.

      White said it was a tragic accident, not a crime.

      In the report, police recommended filing a charge of child endangering against Slaby for the heat-related death of her daughter Cecilia.

      That would have required a legal standard of recklessness, which White said wasn’t met by any of the evidence considered in the case.

      According to the police report, the three incidents occurred at The Compass School on Waterstone Boulevard in Deerfield Township, Warren County. The Slaby’s older daughter is enrolled there as a student. Two were this past winter and the third was on August 21.

      A parent at the school, Karen Clary, told police that in the winter of 2007, she saw a baby alone in a car outside the school when she dropped off one of her children. She told police that a short time later, a man came out of the school, got in the car and drove away.

      A week later, Clary reported the same baby alone in the same car. The parents turned out to be the Slabys.

      Debbie Wolf was School Director at the time, and according to the police report, spoke to Brenda Slaby, telling her that her child should never be left in a car alone.

      Wolf noted in a written statement to police that Slaby apologized and there was no other occurrence.

      Two other incidents happened in the two days immediately before Cecilia’s death, according to the police report.

      On August 21, a teacher at the school, Tara Phillips, told police that Slaby came to pick her daughter up at 5:10 p.m. She allegedly told the child to hurry up, “because the baby was in the car.”

      When officers questioned Phillips about how long Cecilia was in the car, she replied, “approximately two minutes.” The next day, Brenda Slaby came to the school at 3:05 p.m. and her daughter asked her to watch her part in a play.

      “Mom stayed and they both left at 3:15 p.m.,” Phillips noted. “Mom didn’t go outside to check on the baby.”

      Those instances prompted School Director Laura Carr to put an article in the newsletter entitled, “Parking Lot Reminders.”

      It contained the words, “It remains a safety precaution that no child is left alone either in the school or in the car.”

      Investigators also talked to a number of Slaby’s colleagues at Glen Este Middle School.

      None of them said that they ever saw their assistant principal leave her children unattended. In fact, they said she often brought them into the school building with her if they were in her care.

      The Union Township Police material also contained a statement from Anne Hoffman, who was the regular babysitter for Cecilia.

      She told investigators that she had expected Slaby to drop off Cecilia between 6:45 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 23.

      When Slaby didn’t show up, Hoffman said, “I didn’t call to see where she was because a couple of times Gary [Brenda’s husband] kept her [Cecilia] home with him and they didn’t call to tell me until later.”

      In her statement to police, Hoffman described Cecilia as the type of child who was usually asleep upon arrival at her house and didn’t wake up until around 10:00 a.m.

      “I know Brenda was stressed because of all the prep work for the first day of school,” Hoffman said in her statement. “She has always been there to pick up both girls and I have never had any problems with Brenda at all.”

      Hoffman added that she cleans the Slaby house every other Saturday.

      The investigation report went into great detail about Brenda Slaby’s activities on August 23.

      According to the report, she left her Symmes Township house around 6:30 a.m. and headed toward Union Township with Cecilia in a child restraint seat.

      As she turned onto State Route 32 toward Batavia, police say Slaby intended to exit at Eastgate Boulevard and head to Hoffman’s house.

      “Brenda Slaby admitted she thought it was too early to drop her daughter at the sitter’s house,” wrote Officer Geremy Grooms. “She changed into the left lane and drove to Busken Bakery on Old State Route 74 at Glen Este-Withamsville Road.”

      The narrative continued with the words, “Brenda Slaby admitted to investigators that she never thought of the child from the point where she changed lanes at Eastgate Boulevard.”

      According to the investigative report, Slaby picked up eight-dozen donuts at Bueken, paid $59.22 for them with a credit card, and then headed to the Middle School.

      A security camera at the school showed Slaby backing her SUV up to the school and unloading the donuts from the rear hatch, just a few feet from where Cecilia was in the back seat on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

      In fact, the surveillance video indicates she passed by Cecilia more than half-a-dozen times before parking and entering the school around 7:00 a.m.

      Both Prosecutor White and Brenda Slaby’s attorney, Scott Croswell, agreed that the facts in the case did not warrant a criminal charge.

      The emotional case has produced widely varying opinions on whether Slaby should be prosecuted.

      White said Tuesday that half the callers said Slaby should be charged and the other half said she’d suffered enough through the loss of her daughter.

      Stay with and WCPO-TV for updates. Please click “refresh” on your browser to view the most recent version of this story.

    10. all4donuts says:

      So this woman goes in the store w/o her child !!! All for damn donuts, the porker. She obviously left the child often unattended. She should be jailed. Let that be the lesson. It wasn’t because she was hurried, it was that her priorities in life were skewed. More money…more food to feed her fatness. That poor child, what a terrible way to go.

    11. Ann says:

      You don’t leave your children in the car, EVER!! You don’t forget about your children, EVER! I have no sympathy for this woman, especially in light of the fact that she has left her baby in the car alone before. My 6-year-old daughter just started 1st grade this year. Before that she had been with me since birth and I home-schooled her. We are finally settled into our new routine and it is working out great. However, from time to time when I am out doing errands and she is at school, I gasp for a split second because she is not in the car and then I realize she is at school. The point is my focus is still on her and I don’t really relax until I pick her up each day. I know I have to keep my time-frame in the back of my mind at all times so I don’t forget about her. Now, I only have one child at home, true, but that should not matter at all. This woman has a husband who obviously helps her. She should be arrested for killing her daughter. It sounds harsh and I am a Christian but the fact is that she neglected the most important gift ever given to her so that she could get donuts for her teachers????

    12. deez says:

      Give the gigantic baby-killing donut-gruffling pig 20 years in prison. This heinous crime cannot go without punishment. If it does, anyone will be allowed to INTENTIONALLY kill a child by leaving him/her in a car. Why don’t we just legalize all types of murder while we’re at it?

    13. Annabelle says:

      That poor, poor woman. My heart goes out to her as well as to her baby girl.

    14. you people says:

      Gosh I hope none of YOU ever make a mistake and need forgiveness…especially the ignorant uneduacated person that resorted to calling this mother a donut eating pig.

    15. tracy says:

      It makes me sick that she forgot about her child even after walking by the car & talking about her throughout the day. But what makes me even MORE sick is the fact that when she was being questioned, she continued to talk about HERSELF & was only concerned with how she was going to be viewed. When you have kids, it’s not all about you anymore. You are responsible for another life. Don’t create another life if you are not ready to give up some of yours. Children are precious and it is our job to protect them…get your priorities straight. I think she grieves for her reputation more than her child. I hope she has learned more than what she said in the interview. I pray for that little girl that was so easily forgotten about while she was alive.

    16. Briii . says:

      I think this woman , shld of slowed dwn . she shldnt of forgot about her baby , i have siblings & my mom is a single mom & she has to work & she goes to school so any of you that pitty on this woman , wake up shes just making excuses i hope she , relizing what she has done & suffers on the anncount of everything.

    17. Misti says:

      How the hell do you forget your children? How do you not pay attention to stuff like that. This is rediculous!

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