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Steve Fossett Faked Death

Did Steve Fossett fake his own death?

A lot of people seem to think so. Since in spite of using the best technology and plenty of resources, nobody has been able to find the remains of Steve Fossett.

But now some new paraphernalia belonging to Steve Fossett has been found in California near Area 51.

Items possibly belonging to missing aviator Steve Fossett have been found by hikers in a remote area of California more than one year after his mysterious disappearance, police said Wednesday.

Mammoth Lakes Police Department chief Randy Schienle, told CNN that items including an identity card bearing Fossett’s name had been handed to authorities after being discovered on Tuesday.

I would still think that finding the knick knacks is ok. If somebody was deliberately trying to run off and assume a new identity, one could plan all this. Lets wait and see if we find the wreck of the contraption Steve was traveling in or his body.

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