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Tim Hasselbeck

From all over the internet, reports are pouring in that Elizabeth Hasselbeck is totally upset with her co hosts on the popular show View. The charged political scenario is driving her nuts and she is seriously considering quitting the show.

From what I have made out, she is politically inclined towards the Republican agenda and is sort of a minority in her group at the View where other ladies hold Democratic view of life.

The connection with Tim Hasselbeck is that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is married to the popular ex NFL player.

If you’ll remember, Rosie O’Donnell quit “The View” after a fight with Hasselbeck. This one supposedly isn’t that bad, but boss lady Barbara Walters still plans to have a debriefing with the girls.

Also, those of you who are athletically inclined would be interested to know that Hasselbeck, 31, is married to former NFL quarterback and current SportsNet New York football analyst Tim Hasselbeck, who also happens to be the brother of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

I find Republican ladies to be extremely whiny. Liz once cried on the show when the debate over the word ‘Nigger’ turned sour.

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    1. Steven R. Smith says:

      Rosie O’ Dumbell is such a fat hog! What a C**+ she is. What a waste of human space and air! A loud, vile excuse for a human being!


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