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Journalist Dead

In the wee hours of Tuesday Soumya Viswanathan, an employee of TV Today Network’s English news channel Headlines Today, was found dead in her car in Nelson Mandela Road in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Her car was rammed into the road divider. She was taken to AIIMS where she was declared brought dead. Doctors found a bullet in her temple. The police had found a bullet in the front tyre and say that a personal enmity could be a cause and have filed a case of murder. The visuals of the crime scene being aired on television do not show any damage to the car. It is believed that the car must have been stopped first or at least slowed down before shooting Soumya.

When things like this happen it seems that today we are so overtaken by our primeval animal instincts that taking someone’s life has become a mere game to us. None of us are safe any more. And situations like these cannot be even prevented by the law. How are we to trust people is actually the big question here. It is so difficult to decipher the contorted mind of men.

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