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Stills Disease

Still’s disease is a form of juvenile idiopathic arthritis, often qualified by high impaling fevers and ephemeral rashes, called after the English physician Sir George Frederic Still (1861-1941). The malady was first discovered in neonates, but now it is also known to occur, less commonly, in adults in whom it is referred to as adult-onset Still’s disease (AOSD) described by another English physician, Bywaters in 1971 (the same author is famous for the crush syndrome).

The famous writer from Irelan William Wall was the famous personality known to suffer from this disease.

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    1. JAMMES RAND says:

      hi my gran child has just been to told that she might have stills de or the moment she has a rash on the back of her legs and her left knee is swolling up,all-so she is vary pale.she is small for her age and has this on and of over some time she has had some blood taken this week,but one docter has said one thing and the other has said some thing diffent i.e h.s.p is there any treatment for any off this .


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