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McCain Obama First Presidential Debate

I am watching the first of the McCain Obama Presidential debates. Let me say it outright that I am more inclined towards Senator Obama but to be frank, I think this debate did not go as I expected. I was expecting Obama to emerge a clear winner in these one-on-one debate argument style format but it did not happen.

However, having said that, I would say Obama still came out better but McCain also performed above expectations. Other than that, both the candidates were hammering the same point over and over again without any new points, issues etc emerging in this debate.

It would be safe to say that nobody is going to change their vote based on this debate.

This debate was scheduled in Oxford, Mississippi. I am glad it went forward and even though McCain had initially expressed doubts about making it to the debate.

Fox showed audience sampling afterwards and majority of viewers voiced that they found Obama to be much better because he was articulate, addressed a lot more issues and most important of all, showed that he cared for an average American.

I think here it might be pertinent to point out that McCain says he wants to give tax breaks to corporates but Obama says he wants to defend the average American from highers taxes, provide medical healthcare etc but instead tax the companies. This point may have resonated strongly with Americans.

McCain seemed angry, rhetoric, repeated mis-characterization on Obama’s positions and somewhat seemed like he is telling some horror stories and unless the Americans vote for him there is going to be in a big trouble.

Obama seemed cooler, concerned more about domestic problems that US is currently facing and addressed what need be done unlike McCain who just recognized them instead of telling anything how he would address those domestic problems and also he was so obsessed with ‘wining’ the Iraq war and stuff when there were so many other issues that challenges US and it’s position among the world. Obama seems to be aware of those challenges and urged to be taken seriously and addressed for America’s own future.

McCain has got a bad attitude and he seemed to humiliate certain leaders publicly over the debate like ‘I did look in the eyes of Putin and I see K G B’. He has no bloody clue what confrontation with Russia would do to the world. The US attitude with countries like North Korea, Iran and other nations hasn’t helped it much. McCain thinks about everything in terms of Vietnam. US really needs a new approach on these various things.

McCain seemed to show toughness, well since US military and resources is spent in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc and how exactly does he plan to sort out things with Russia by being tough? US can do nothing! Europe won’t co-operate with US as already they are being clear on this. Obama’s approach seems more sensible and reasonable.

What is your opinion of the debate.

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    1. Simon says:

      McCain is Boring, Inarticulate (similar to G.Bush), Fabricator (twists Obama’s words), Growler (complains about Obama rather than give a positive answer), has a Prejudice view of the world, and finally McCain talks like Boo Boo from the Yogi bear show…lol

      Obama is very Specific when he discusses issues, he speaks with Integrity, and is loyal in his views, unlike McCain changing his stratergies every time he comes on tv.

      Obama is most ideological and can provide smart solutions out of the two. He also is the ideal person for the present situation in the world to be President. He is truely universally accepted for this job, and the Americans neeed to realise this.

      He can deal with the most sophisticated people around the world such as China, Japan, and Europe. And he can communicate in an intellectual order, something which Bush or McCain can never do!

      Please don’t be fooled by a Bush Puppet and vote for a reckless party, which only generates problems.


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