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Mccain Suspends Campaign & Debate

In the latest round of political stunts, John McCain has suspended his canvassing seemingly over the Wall Street meltdown.

McCain has called for Obama to do the same but Barack Obama refused to follow suit and rejected his Republican foe’s call to delay Friday’s first presidential debate.

Personally, I had been looking forward to these debates. It was pretty much apparent to me that McCain was going to come out looking not so good after these debates but now the whole debate set up is doubtful.

As a high-stakes political standoff erupted, McCain said he would head back to Washington on Thursday and called on President George W. Bush to call a summit including himself, Obama and congressional leaders to solve the crisis.

I think its a total hypocritical stunt by the Republicans. Can’t the president along with his lieutenants handle this. The president could have called upon the congress and industry captains to effect this bailout. McCain could have looked into it but abdicating from campaigning, especially during the oncoming debates, is like shirking away a full on battle.

This is how Obama put his view on the issue:

But his Democratic rival insisted it was more important than ever to debate the turmoil wracking the US economy before the American people, and in a biting rebuke said a president should be able to “deal with more than one thing at once.”

Definitely makes more sense. Check out his video on this as well.

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