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Finding The Funny In Outsourcing – LA Times

LA Times has an interesting story on a newbie Indian cartoonist Sandeep Sood. He is the creator of Doubtsourcing, a comic strip trying to show the funny side of outsourcing. The fodder for the strip is the misunderstanding which usually takes place when the work is carried out thousands of miles away, culture clash etc. The strip itself is partially outsourced, Sandeep writes the dialogue and a friend in China does the illustration.

An entrepreneur by profession, Sandeep works out of Berkeley and handles outsourcing for companies like Wells Fargo and other start up firms. Doubtsourcing is not his first venture. He has had business dealings with Sun in the past, and was behind a couple of startups which failed.

From the LA Times article –

Set mostly in an office in India, “Doubtsourcing” aims to be to the outsourcing world what “Dilbert” has been to the U.S. cubicle set. Making fun of Indian workaholism in one cartoon, a job candidate receives an offer after boasting that he hasn’t “seen the sun for 7.5 months.”

In another, a U.S. manager criticizes the India team for being slow and uncreative. An Indian worker says the U.S. firm has changed its business model three times in three months, from online dating to insurance to pornography. “You just need to deal with ambiguity better,” the U.S. manager says.

Personally speaking, although when ever there is some considerable development work required, my manager always brings up outsourcing (to India specifically), I think outsourcing is being equally used by small companies and startups to save money. For instance, when Digg just started, its design was outsourced.

Read the complete LA Times article from here.

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