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Intel Sued For Patent Infringement

If the claims made by WARF – Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation – are to be believed, then Intel has gotten itself into a bit of a soup. According to the Wisconsin organization, Intel infringed upon the University Of Wisconsin-Madison invention that significantly improves the efficiency and speed of computer processing.

The organization is a private, non-profit corporation that is a supporting organization to the UW-Madison, filed a complaint yesterday against Intel in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.

The said technology was patented in 1998 and was developed by four researchers at the UW-Madison. The chair of university’s Computer Science department, Professor Gurindar Sohi was one of them.

The technique patented by the school was regarding a data speculation circuit that enhances advanced execution of instructions prior to other instructions on which they may be data dependent, resulting in better execution efficiency and speed.

According to the WARF officials, this was recognized as a path breaking technology in the field of computer architecture.

The interesting bit is that Intel repeatedly tried to contact the university officials in the hope of legally licensing this technology.

Check the detailed report from WARF’s website.

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