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Does A $2,500 Tata Nano in India Mean Higher Gas Prices

Is the question being asked in Wired. We had earlier profiled the world’s cheapest car by Indian conglomerate Tata’s, and had raised some questions initially about the veracity of claims made the company about Nano being Euro compliant and how the car will fare in crash testing, support beams, seat belts etc.

The Nano doesn’t go on sale until fall, but already environmentalists say it will bring big increases in carbon dioxide emissions and pollution. “This car promises to be an environmental disaster of substantial proportions,” Yale environmental law professor Daniel Esty told Newsweek. Some energy experts say all those new cars will increase demand for gasoline, with one telling CNN, “we’ll get into a situation where we’ll have to compete with them for gasoline, $4, $5 a gallon. Who knows how high we could go?”

Read the complete article from here.

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