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How Corporate India Averted A Disaster

Considering the gloom and doom news that we have been posting here for the past few days, it was definitely time for a much needed break. Popular news reports add that when information about undersea cables being accidentally sliced up by the ship’s anchor in Egypt spread out, there was a general feeling that it might lead to a possible replay of a similar incident in 2006 when an earthquake stuck Taiwan disrupting services in Asia.

On the contrary, fortunately for Reliance – owner of that under sea cable – and other Indian outsourcing giants like TCS, Infosys, Satyam, which used such undersea cables, it did not impact their operations much. Could have been a lot worse, considering almost 60% of India’s outside connectivity is provided by cables routed through the bed of Atlantic ocean.

Instead, this incident gave an opportunity to Indian outsourcing companies to prove to their clients how well they are prepared to handle such emergencies.

When Reliance found out about the slicing, it rerouted the traffic through an alternative network of cables running under the Pacific ocean.

At most the internet speed was affected but that too only for small players who compete on the basis of price and usually do not invest in such alternative plans to handle emergencies of these kinds. (Corporate businesses had minimal impact though personal users/home users did face some issues).

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