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Nashville Gas Shortage

Gas Shortage has been reported in Nashville, TN. I think this is primarily due to the hurricane we had some time back. It would be safe to blame it on Ike. However the city officials could have taken some action to mitigate the effects. Can’t also blame them because the strong hurricane left everyone packing and leaving the area.

The rigs and refineries in the region had to be shut down. Which means there is no smooth or regular supply and this has created delivery problems.

Additionally, people are buying gas in bulk to make long distance journeys so they can get out of the area quickly. Not to forget once the rumors of gas shortage spread, people wanted to hoard as much gas as possible. This making it difficult for others to get their fair share.

I came across this excerpt on the internet describing vividly the gas shortage in Nashville.

A gas shortage hit Nashville as of last night. Those who didn’t find out then definitely know today… The gas stations are all empty!

Nashville deserves not to have gas for a few days. The greed and selfishness I witnessed at the pumps today while trying to buy 1 gallon of gas is what created this shortage in the first place. There is simply no need for the majority of drivers to buy $50 or $100 worth of gas just to go home and relax for the weekend. Gas is on the way people… let those who really need it have some too.

Throughout the city, drivers are making it much worse when they insist on creating hour long lines that back up traffic so they can fill up their entire tanks rather than purchasing only what they need, only IF they need it. The situation is chaos at the very few remaining gas stations in town with gas… This Mapco not being one of them.

In East Nashville, a drive by shooting sprayed bullets at a car in line to purchase gas. Not sure if this was a drive-by for drive-by sake, but most likely this was somehow gas related as well.

What has your experience been like. Did you notice that your regular gas station has jacked up its prices, or there is no gas available at all.

    7 Responses to “Nashville Gas Shortage”

    1. sroskie says:

      Cool Springs out of gas as early as Wednesday night. I know…I was trying to get home from work and drove up to “8” empty stations before I found premium for 4.09, which I GLADLY paid.

    2. Troy says:

      I hope you tanked it up.

    3. storylaine says:

      true the shortage is because of people panicking and being selfish, however the hurricane has nothing to do with it. nashville is on a pipeline running out of antlanta and it supplies other places as well such as knoxville and they have plenty of gas. every one else in the country has gas even texas. people need to chill the hell out and i agree let people who actually need gas get some!

    4. Troy says:

      Storylaine, I know for the fact places in Alabama have been affected because of gas supplies getting disrupted due to Hurricane.

      Maybe companies are deliberately creating this shortage but how do you explain Sroskie’s point that he saw 8 stations without gas. Why aren’t they getting gas.

    5. MonkeyballZ says:

      This is just a small test by the government to see where we are as a community and how much we believe the media. Just as they did in the 70’s, media was fed false information about a gas shortage coming. People who believe everything the media says and do no research,(sheeple), are the cause of such crisis’s. If people would have looked up on the web Fri., they would have seen that 3 Barges were docked on the Cumberland River waiting to be delivered. It’s the same strategy they used on the market. If people believe that the economy is failing, they will hoard all their money by pulling it out of banks and stocks causing mass losses. Welcome to our true government, the deceiver of deceivers. People don’t trust our own gov for a reason. Instead of fixing it, most just want to ignore it so it doesn’t interfere with their free time from work. “Just let me have my stuff and leave me alone.”

    6. Ron says:

      As of Monday the 22nd there is no gas!!!! NONE!!! thats not a shortage because there is 20 gas stations in my immediate area and they are all tapped out…and they don’t expect more for days. Did i panic buy…no, but i wish i did. Now i have a 2000lb paper weight in my driveway!


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