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Blacks Against Obama

Obama’s meetings and rallies often get disrupted by a few hecklers sometimes but this time it was slightly different. Obama was holding a rally in Miami, Florida when a small group of black people calling themselves – Blacks Against Obama – started heckling and tried to disrupt his rally.

This group mostly comprised of African Americans. Its strange that during this moment when great history could be made if a black president is elected, and Obama does have strong chances, the section of blacks, albiet a small minority, would try to change that.

CBS news is reporting that:

The group of mostly African American men held signs that read, “Blacks against Obama”, “Jesse Jackson hates Obama”, “Obama for abortions”, “Obama for gay marriage” and “Obama endorsed by the KKK.”  They are said to be part of a Miami based group called “Michael Warns”. The crowd of over 5,000 people at the event shouted the hecklers down by chanting “Yes we can!”

Blacks against Obama is understandable. For whatever reason, some blacks could be republican and think McCain would do a better job at handling the country. But signs like Jesse hates Obama? ….So? Who in his right mind would support Jesse Jackson. Not to forget the nut comment made by JJ.

Obama for abortions? Obama is pro-choice. He is leaving it upto the mothers and doctors and families to decide what they think is best for them. Obama doesn’t want the government telling them what they can do or not. If the mother decides for or against abortion, thats going to be her choice. That is what being Pro-Choice means.

Gay marriage and KKK is all bull. I haven’t dwelled much into who Michael Warns is so I have no idea what this guy stands for or what his agenda is.

Obama also said these anti-obama guys can stand in the rally and show their posters, but they better pipen down so that the speech can go as scheduled. But no, these hecklers had to distrupt and then guess what, they themselves got heckled and finally thrown out.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys are being funded by Republican party campaign.

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    1. Joe Black says:

      I researched this and the group is called “Michael Warns” and if you google them, they have a website. The contact information and most of the site is blank. It could be a real group, a fringe religious cult (yes, black folk have them, too. Don’t drink the Koolaid!) or just a front for Republican dirty tricksters.

      The group site has a link to another site which is misogynist, to say the least. Their gripe is that “women” (Oprah) are taking over in America.

      I think the verdict is: CULT.

    2. Troy says:

      Thanks for your input Joe Black. It definitely sounds like a fringe/cult group to me.

    3. AnonymousWoman says:

      This is the real reason why us black people tearing each other down. I am a black woman, and I support Barack Obama all the way. Michael Warns is a sick, ignorant bastard who makes who is looking for some media attention! He is making us black ook bad, and he AND his cult can go rot in hell!!!!!

    4. jill says:

      That micheal warn bulls#it is stupid. The website is half cocked and silly. Any one who thinks like that is mentally unstable. I don’t believe that it a real person but if he or she is………. please show your face so we all can stay away from you.

    5. Peggy Williamson says:

      Backtrack Obama is neither white nor black. He comes from the tribe of Ishmael, the bastard son of Abraham. Isaac was his half-brother. Isaac’s group became the children of Israel and Ishmael’s group became the Islamic Nation.

      Politics and religion, oh how we argue with them. Just pick one — God Almighty or god allah. Make an informed choice and then write my name in, Peggy Williamson, President of the United States.

      Peggy Williamson
      Just a tanned, white girl, whose ancestors came over on the viking ships, but I was born in America — unlike John McCain’t and Backtrack Hussein Obama. I’m Farmer-Labor Party and we support the JFK Executive Order returning the nation to the Gold Standard and back to Almighty God.

    6. Safina Ali Johnson says:

      I think african americans are already supproting Obama and plus Obama has already become the first African American President of United States so we don’t need to worry about anything just let it go so nothing can stop Obama now. And he has shown the country and the people of the country an example of a true american. We Salute Barack Hussein Obama for that. God Bless the United States of America and its Citizens.

    7. Josh Ali Johnson says:

      Barack Obama is an example to all Americans and to all African Americans that what a true american is and what he can do which is possible. He is like an example just like Martin Luther Jr. King.

      Be Obama’s supporter or die. Now we niggas will rule the Unites States of America.

    8. Mindless Thoughts says:

      I think it’s funny that some black can’t stand Barrack Obama, All in all I’m glad he won. Maybe these lazy ass blacks will finally see that it’s time to get off there ass and start working for a living. I’m tired of supporting blacks with fucking welfare and food stamps. Quit being so fuking lazy and work like every decent American. Personally I could give a fuk less if Obama won, I’m just called fuking George Bush is gonna be out of office. So maybe blacks will now give a little more respect and stop killing each other. Get a life and stop ruining everyone else’s. It will be a cold day in hell before blacks rule the U.S. you ignorant piece of garbage. As for the lazy rednecks out there. Stop hating and fucking get over yourself. Your not special, no one is. Stupid mother fukers. Damn get a job and support America allready we brought you over here for a reason. NOW WORK YOUR ASSES OFF!!!

    9. somebody says:

      wow Mindless Thoughts is a real dumbass

    10. bill says:

      Funny stuff. A half black guy wins the prez. and now blacks “run” America. LOL. What utter stupidity and nonsense. Morons, 60% of Obama’s vote came from whites. If that vote slips by a little bit he is done. And hate to break the news but OB is one guy, he relies on a cabinet- basically white men with a few PC additions. The people were tired of Bush, really just have hope Obama knows what he is doing and blacks saw a half-black or bi-racial guy( he is NOT BLACK… he is bi-racial- he is the first prez with african heritage but it is simply wrong to call him black or African American or some other PC sounding name). He came at the right time. I did not vote for him but don’t hate him or anything. In a way it is good this happened because blacks can’t do their “blame it on whitey” Bs any longer. But Obama will not change black areas, neighborhoods… perhaps his election will bring down anti-white racism a bit which would be good. But running America, give me a break. White males run America for the most part with exceptions. Get real.

    11. Almost all of what you say happens to be astonishingly precise and it makes me wonder the reason why I had not looked at this with this light previously. Your article truly did turn the light on for me as far as this specific subject matter goes.

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    13. Dovie Goth says:

      The Bank of Japan wrapped up a two-day policy meeting by increasing its asset-purchasing fund to 55 trillion yen


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