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What Would Ed Hochuli Do


Did you catch a glimpse of NFL replays on Monday night football? Did you see the uncalled fumble by Denver quarterback Jay Cutler, and the ill-timed whistle of referee Ed Hochuli.

Hochuli’s whistle call with little more than a minute remaining in the San Diego-Denver shootout and guess what? It paved the way for the Broncos’ 39-38 victory. I am guessing that this is going to be brought up by the league bosses and the will come up with a decision that would change the way the league handles similar dead-ball controversies.

Good or bad, the man did not have the luxury of watching replays or using digital quipment to decide whether it was the right call to make or not. He is a man and he had to rely on his natural instincts. I can under stand the anger of the fans but hey, guess what, stuff happens. Its all part of the game and thats what makes it interesting.

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