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Microsoft’s Latest Venture – Comic Strips

In its latest venture, Microsoft has launched a comic strip – Heroes Happen {Here} – featuring who else but super hero techies. The strip is co sponsored by Microsoft and Seagate.

The creative brain behind the game plan is Jordan Gorfinkel, he earlier did a stint with DC comics and helped revitalize Batman series. When asked to comment on this venture, Jordan replied – “IT pros and developers usually stay behind the scenes and keep a low profile, but in fact many of them are unsung heroes”.

The big fat stereotype moment here is the plot which revolves around four characters who meet unexpectedly in the common pursuit of a rogue computer virus.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the good guys are shown as favoring legally sourced/licensed proprietary software where as the villains use free open-source software to unleash virus on unsuspecting users.

There’s a catch involved if you want to read the archives. You would have to download and install Silverlight (Microsoft proprietary). Beats me as to why they made it like this because I have been occasionally reading comic strips from other sites and have never had the need to install a separate software specifically for this.

Why not just use the plain vanilla <img> tag. They can’t be that desperate to force this software down the throats of the readers. Silverlight declares itself to be a cross platform product but just in that one in a billion case if you stop and read the EULA before installing, you would notice that license agreement permits only XP and Vista!

So who could possibly be their target audience? Certainly not the IT folks who would think of it as a patently amazingly stupid idea.

You can check out the comic strip from here.

As a side, recognize any of the folks in the pics?

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    1. Nicole says:

      I could make out only one of them from the pic!


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